Girl Almighty

[Book 2 of My Baker Boy Series] One Direction has been famous since 2010. It's the summer of 2015, and Diana decided to take online classes before going back to the Indiana University campus. What happens when Diana Garcia unintentionally sees her baker boy once more, only this time under the spotlight? Will she embrace him once more, or will something far greater than her visions trap her behind a another barrier? Warning! Yellow—may contain some mature content. Cursing is not censored.
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7. Columbus or Bust

Columbus or Bust


Weeks have passed by since I reunited with Diana in July. Words cannot describe how much I have missed her. Ever since I broke up with Taylor, my heart's been empty. Sure, she was just a PR stunt. But being the person that I am- I only saw the best in her. It was a similar fate with Kendall Jenner.

Now that I've been texting Diana, I feel like the old me again.The old Harry Styles from Holmes Chapel. The old Harry Styles who wasn't labeled as a womanizer, that one guy from One Direction, or dare I say it, famous. Oh how I loathe that word. Being 'famous' does not truly define a person. It does not represent everything that I am at all. 


I was getting ready for tonight's concert in Columbus, Ohio. Well, by getting ready I mean sitting in the corner of the dressing room and mindlessly stare at my phone as the rest of the lads got ready for the show. I wasn't wearing anything out of the ordinary; white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, light brown boots. It's what I had chosen to wear for the entire US tour anyway. My back was turned away from everyone else, but I could still feel them all looking at me. Did I really text Diana that much? 

At one point I heard Niall say, "How long has he been glued to that phone?" 


To which Louis replied, "C'mon, he probably showers with that damn phone."


"I can hear both of you." Chuckles were heard throughout the room.


"I think Louis has a point Harry," Daizha said, hanging up a couple of shirts. "When was the last time that you put your phone down?"


Niall chimed in. "I think he's starting to fall in love with his phone instead of the girl he's been chatting with."


I furiously stood up from my spot in the corner and turned around. "Since when does my love life affect you Horan?!" 

The room fell silent.

All that could be heard was the whisper that Liam had made to Niall. "Shots fired mate."


Paul clears his throat. "Let's all stay calm," He looked directly at me. "Save that energy for the concert, understand?"



We were near the end of the concert. I got to tell a joke for once without the usual complaints from my band mates. It was such a peculiar sight. None of them, not even the band, objected to one of my jokes. "Okay so this joke is a little sad at the end. Are you all okay with that?" Hundreds of screams in the stadium gave me the answer that I needed. 

“Okay,” I gave a slightly crooked smile. “Louis, Why was the baby strawberry crying?”


Louis just went along with it. “I don't know Harold. Why?”


“Because its parents were in a jam.” Half of the crowd were saying "awww" to my joke and others could be heard snickering at such a bad joke.


“Okay Harry that's enough jokes for tonight,” Liam said. “But there is a riddle Louis would like to tell you.”


I was puzzled at what I was hearing. For once, they didn't complain at how bad the joke was. And now Louis is about to tell the audience a riddle? What's next? Zayn's going to come back?

“Okay Haz. This is especially towards you.” Louis walked towards me, and put his hand on my shoulder. “This is a clue to our next song. You up for the challenge?”


“Sure.” I didn't know what to expect. We usually go by the set list, but no one told me we would be singing a randomly selected song tonight.


“Before we start I've been meaning to ask, what's up with that half heart pendant? I've been seeing you wearing it a lot lately.”


“A little personal, Lou.” I glared at him. He better not be planning to do what I think he's going to do.


“Oh c'mon Harry!” Niall grinned. “What's so bad about sharing with friends and fans about your necklace?” I looked down at it, and sighed. Oh bloody hell. Why me?


“Fine, I'll tell you.” I looked into the crowd and held up my pendant. “This. This right here. Is from my first love.”

The fans fucking lost it. They were enjoying how sentimental I was in keeping with me this necklace. I just wished they knew how embarrassing it was to share that with them. "Louis, what does this have to do with anything?"


"Glad you asked,” he spins around and points to our keyboard player. “Hit it Jon!”

A familiar tune begins to play and with it, appeared a familiar face.

Diana.” Her chocolate colored hair was in a long braid. She wore olive green shorts, a black floral blouse, and white sandals. The same outfit when we went on our first date together in the park.


The front pages are your pictures,

They make you look so small,

How could someone not miss you at all?


Oh no. 

It can't be. It was too good too be true. He walked out from backstage as if on cue, stomping in his military style boots. I was too baffled by his presence that I missed my part and he began to sing it. 


I never would mistreat ya,

Oh I'm not a criminal,

I speak a different language but I still hear your call.


There he was. The guy I thought I would never see again, singing my part. I was staring at him the entire time. Why did he dye his hair so much in the past months after he left? Even Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer doesn't dye his hair that much.



Let me be the one to light a fire inside those eyes,

You've been lonely,

You don't even know me,

But I can feel you crying,


Let me be the one to lift your heart up and save your life,

I don't think you even realize baby you'd be saving mine.




"Zayn?" I called out. Suddenly everything froze: the audience went silent, the music stopped playing, and everyone except me and Diana were frozen. "Diana, what's going on?" As I was trying to approach her, she backed away from me.


"Harry stop. Don't touch me." 


I raised an eyebrow. "Why not?" As I tried to get closer, she tripped and fell backwards. Into a giant hole that formed on stage. 


"Harrrrrrryyyyyy!!" I stood there paralyzed. I couldn't say anything or move at all. I watched my first love fall down a mysterious black hole and I couldn't do a thing about it. When the hole disappeared, everything unfroze as I dropped to my knees and shouted out her name.




"Harry." A hooded figure appeared before me. "It's destiny."


"Who are you? Where's Diana?" I was crying at this point. "And what do you mean about destiny?" It was probably the worst decision I have ever made in my life. Asking too many questions. Her response was zapping me until I fell unconscious. 


I was woken up by loud screams. 






I woke up in the dressing room, surrounded by my band mates, the stylists, and Paul. Oh thank God. It was just a dream. "Are you okay Harry?" Liam asked.


"Yeah," I ran my hand through my hair. "It was just a dream." 


"You're telling me," Niall said while eating a doughnut. "Thut wuz sum dreum."


"Niall, don't talk with your mouth full." Louis said. 


"Okay," He made a devilish smile as he began to say the word that shouldn't be said to Louis. "Dad." At that moment, Louis tackled Niall down and started yelling at him. Also, I received a text.


From: Diana <3

Sorry for not answering Haz. I was busy. Good luck tonight in Ohio. Love ya. <3

*received at 5:00 PM*



"WHAT DID YOU CALLING ME YOU FUCKING LEPRECHAUN?!" Paul and another security guard removed them from each other. 


"That's enough!" Paul yelled. "The concert starts in an hour and you two shouldn't be fighting. Keep the attitude to a limit or you both get tour probation. Got it?" Louis and Niall became quiet and nodded quickly. They both knew what tour probation meant.

In the event of one of or all of us misbehaving, we are not allowed to go out at all if we have free time in between concerts. If we had to go out, it was strictly business. Nothing else. Even though we all rebel from time to time, when we hit the limit, there would be severe consequences. We barely get out and have time to ourselves on tour and explore the area we are in. Usually because of rehearsals, sound checks, and not to mention writing and recording songs. With tour probation, we would become more a prisoner than with the original restrictions we normally live with. 


Paul looked back at me, an unsure expression on his face. "Are you still okay to perform?" I looked up from my phone.


"I mean, it was only a dream right? We haven't performed in Columbus yet." I got up and stretched. "I'll be fine." 


Paul reached the exit. "Everyone get back to getting ready for the show." He looked at Louis and Niall directly. "I've got my eyes on you two."




We were near the end of the concert. I got to tell a joke for once without the usual complaints from my band mates. Not even the band, objected to one of my jokes. Might be because of me yelling in my sleep. "Okay so this joke is a little sad at the end. Are you all okay with that?" Hundreds of screams in the stadium gave me the answer that I needed. 

“Okay,” I gave a slightly crooked smile. “Louis, Why was the baby strawberry crying?”


Louis just went along with it. “I don't know Harold. Why?”


“Because its parents were in a jam.” Half of the crowd were saying "awww" to my joke and others could be heard snickering at such a bad joke.


"Okay that was pretty good," Liam said, adjusting his earpiece. "Time for the last song folks. Sing along if you can." 


The music started playing, and thankfully it wasn't Diana.


Hey hey, oh no, no, no


Her light is as loud as as many ambulances
 as it takes to save a savior, oh 


"She floats through the room on a big balloon

some say, 'She's such a fake,'

That her love is made up

No, no, no, no"


Let's have another toast to the girl almighty

Let's pray we stay young,

stay made of lightning.


The entire time we sang Girl Almighty, I could only think of one girl and only one. Not Taylor or Kendall though. 


"Am I the only, only believer?

There's something happening here,

there's something happening here.


The only, only believer


There's something happening here,

I hope you feel what I'm feeling too."


Yeah there's something happening. My heart is hyperventilating because of her. I couldn't breathe because of her. 

Diana, the Girl Almighty. 



Sorry if this is a crappy chapter. It was a little difficult to crank out ideas from my head but at least I got some down. More to come. 


All the love I can type,



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