Girl Almighty

[Book 2 of My Baker Boy Series] One Direction has been famous since 2010. It's the summer of 2015, and Diana decided to take online classes before going back to the Indiana University campus. What happens when Diana Garcia unintentionally sees her baker boy once more, only this time under the spotlight? Will she embrace him once more, or will something far greater than her visions trap her behind a another barrier? Warning! Yellow—may contain some mature content. Cursing is not censored.
© Copyright 2015-2016. All rights reserved. I don't own the picture used to make the cover.


9. Back for You

Back for You


“Miss, we’re here.”


“Shut up Chelsea. You’re not a taxi driver.”


She turns towards me and grins, “Easy for you to say.” She giggles right as we enter the parking garage for Soldier Field. As soon as we park, Chelsea sticks out her right hand. “Hand it over!” I unzipped a side pocket from my backpack and pulled out a red thumb drive and a Wacom Tablet.


“You better not lose it. I’m counting on you to keep it safe.”


“C’mon Diana, it’s just a drawing tablet.”


“Correction, it’s my life. The thumb drive contains all of my stories, drawings, and photos. Technically my life is in your hands.”


“What about the other thumb drive you have?”


“That’s for school,” I zipped up my backpack. We got out of the Volkswagen to get my suitcase out of the trunk. “Promise me that no one else sees what’s on there, okay?”


“Got it Mrs. Styles!” I lightly punched Chelsea in the arm.


“Please don’t call me that.” I hugged her. “I’m gonna miss you, Chel. Thanks for the ride.”


“No problem. You better text me this time though. ” She got back into her car. “Well I got to bounce. Got to go see if the mall is still open.” She gave me a wave goodbye before leaving the parking garage.


I took out my phone and went to my messages.



Niall I’m in Chicago

In the parking garage @ Soldier Field

Level 4

*sent at 2:30 PM*



Sorry I dropped my phone on the floor

I just sent someone out to pick you up

See you in a bit  :P

*received at 2:36 PM*


I went to Twitter and eagerly tweeted.


You (@DMG94) tweeted:

Going out tonight. Looking for a man. ;)


“Hello. You must be Diana.” I glanced up to see an older man who was roughly around 5’10, dressed in a black shirt, black jeans, and black running shoes. He smiled and stuck out his hand. “My name is Paul. I’m the boy’s bodyguard and tour manager.” I smiled back and shook his hand.

He grabbed my luggage and pulled it along as we got closer to the elevator. As we made our way to the first level, I asked some questions to pass the time. “Harry doesn’t know that I’m here, right?”


“That’s right. He has been a bit down since Niall told everyone to keep quiet about it. How long have you known Harry?”


“I met him six years ago.”


“Brilliant. You two have been friends for a while, haven’t you?” I didn’t want to get into depth about how we met.


“Yeah.” When the elevator doors opened, Paul walked me to a reserved parking area of the garage where there were a couple of cars and the two tour buses. Paul knocked on one of the tour bus doors. It opened instantly. He climbed into the bus, carrying my luggage on his shoulder. I have to admit. For a tour bus, it looks great.


“Okay so this is the relaxation tour bus,” Paul puts my luggage down and rolls it instead. “The other bus is primarily for working and where some of the band’s crew sleeps.” He shows me to the bunks. “You’ll be sleeping at this bunk right here. You can put your suitcase underneath in the provided space. Say, I think Niall mentioned you were diabetic?”


I was a little embarrassed to admit that I was somewhat high maintenance. “Yes. I take insulin.”


“We have plenty of snacks in the cupboards if you ever have low blood sugar.” He makes a quick glance at his watch. Paul mumbles something to himself. “The lads are about to finish sound check, we should hurry on before they go backstage if you want to surprise Harry.” I grabbed my cross body purse and followed Paul out of the bus. I whipped my phone out of my pocket and texted Niall.



omw w/ ur tour manager

Distract harreh

*sent at 4:10 PM*



will do

*received at 4:11 PM*


Time is of the essence. If I wanted to surprise Harry, I had to pick up the pace. Paul and I began to run down three flights of stairs and went through a glass door that led inside Soldier Field. I’m astonished that I could even keep up with Paul. We got past security and entered the backstage area. Just like I imagined it. The walls and high ceilings were black. There was a lot of equipment set up. A catwalk and line of lights trailed the ceiling. Wires ran along the floors, secured by duct tape. It was pretty loud and busy backstage, but you could still make out the singing from the front of the black curtains.


I’ve got a fire for a heart,

I’m not scared of the dark,

You’ve never seen it look so easy.


Part of me wanted to scream out in excitement. The other part of me…

Remembers this being the entire layout of my recurring nightmare. I’m glad that the backstage of Lucas Oil Stadium wasn’t close. Now this, this just takes the cake. “Do you have the floor traps that spring up?” 

Paul looks at me. “It’s not the same for every concert,” He cracks a smile. “These boys always make every show– unique. We change the way concerts are depending on the location.” We kept walking until we stumbled across a table that was in the middle of backstage. Paul sighed, rubbing his temples. “So that’s where the table went. I’m honestly not surprised.” He pulled out one of the chairs and sat down. I did the same.


“Well, there’s still a good 10 minutes before they finish sound check. Care to play a round of Go Fish?” I say as I point to the cards.


“Well I don’t have anything at the–” The voice from Paul’s walkie talkie interrupted him in mid-sentence.


Paul, we need you to break up a fight between Liam and Louis, it seems serious.


“Bloody hell,” Paul whispers, “I’m sorry Diana. I have to take care of this.”  He got up from his chair and disappeared, leaving the black curtains of the stage behind him. I looked back at the cards. I guess solitaire will do.

I gathered the cards, tapped the deck against the table, then proceeded to shuffle the cards and set them up for solitaire. My first few moves consisted of moving a queen of hearts on top of a king of clubs and a five of spades on top of a six of hearts. As I was about to flip over a card, someone sat down beside me.

“Room for one more?” And the eye rolling commences…


“They call it solitaire for a reason, Niall.” I flipped over an ace and placed it on a two of hearts. “Aren’t you supposed to be in sound check?” I decided to call it quits and pick up the cards.


“We finished early. Liam and Louis are creating drama just like you wanted.” I dropped the cards on the table.


“So they’re not actually fighting?”




“Why make drama over nothing?”


“Hey, you said to distract Hazza,” He opened a water bottle and chugged down about half of it. “When push comes to shove, he’s well…you know.”


“A tree hugging marshmallow?”


Niall turned us head to the side and spit out his water. “Definitely one of those.” He shook his head and cracked a smile. I started to giggle.

A tree hugging marshmallow. That got me thinking. Thinking about that summer in ’09 when Harry and I went on a date in the park. How I playfully ran away when he asked me my middle name. How he kissed me against a tree, walked back to our picnic, and talked about…making s’mores...

What the fuck is wrong with my brain?!  Shut up! I quickly picked up the entire deck of cards and proceeded to bury the distant memory. “There you are Niall,” Liam emerges from the main stage. He sits down in a chair. “Hi Diana. Nice to see you again.” Liam takes out a rubber band and picks up the deck of cards, wrapping the band around it three times. “Wouldn’t want to actually make Louis mad, you know?” He leaves the deck on the middle of the table.


“Right.” I looked down at my shoes. I felt weak. As though my body went numb…

Oh shit.

“Um,” I looked up and saw Liam and Niall both glance at me. “Is there a bathroom nearby?”


“What about Harry?” Liam asked. “I don’t think he’ll buy another fight between me and Louie.”

Niall hits the back of Liam’s head and then points down towards a hallway. “Keep going until you reach the dressing room. As long as you have that pass that we sent you, no one will question you.” I got up from the chair and started to walk in the direction Niall told me. They tried their best, but I managed to hear their softly spoken words.

“What the fuck Liam? She has diabetes!”


“I’m sorry but no one told me!”

It doesn’t bother me in the slightest when others talk about my condition. I mean, it’s never held me back from anything in my life. Besides the visions I get without my insulin. I keep walking and pulled out my backstage pass.

I rushed into the dressing room. Those who I presume to be the boys’ stylists, were staring at me. A not so subtle whisper broke the silence.

“Oh no. Not another fan. Security needs to do a better job.” A redhead whispered to another stylist. I studied the stylist that stood beside the redheaded woman. Short, curvy, short brown hair, and those wide lensed glasses. Oh my God!

“Daizha?” I asked.


“You know her Day?” The redhead was baffled.


“Haven’t seen you since high school Diana.” She walked over to me, giving me a bear hug. “How are you?”


“Good. You?”


“I'm fine. You ready to go on tour?”


“Definitely.” I glanced around the dressing room. Four vanity mirrors in a row against a wall, a white sectional sofa in the middle of the room, hanging racks full of wardrobe and shoes at the bottom. Besides Daizha and the redhead, there were four other stylists in the room. “Is there a bathroom in here? I need to take some insulin.”


“I’m afraid not,” the redhead answered. “Shauna had food poisoning and no one has dared to walk in there.” Shauna, the one with long jet black hair, buries her face into the redhead’s neck.


“Shut it Amber.”


Daizha turns to me. “Gurl, I got you.” We went to the corner of the room and Daizha shouts out. “STYLIST FORMATION!” The stylists created a wall around me and Daizha, their backs towards us. “Go ahead Di.” I smiled in reply, taking out my insulin pen and slowly lifting up my shirt. I injected the clear liquid into my lower abdomen. Shivers went down my body. I never really did get used to it. “You okay?”


“I’m fine now. Thanks Daizha.” The wall dispersed, I closed the pen with the safety cap, and threw it in a nearby trash can.


“So how lo-”


Niall came running in. “There you are Diana. You got your insulin?”


“Yeah I did. Why are you out of breath?”


He smirked. “No reason.”

Not even a minute later, Louis ran into the dressing room. He plopped onto the sofa and placed his feet on the coffee table.“Hope this is enough to distract Harry.” He took out an iPhone and placed it on the table. Louis looks around. “Where’s Liam, Niall?”


“I thought he was with you!”


“No I was-”


“BLOODY HELL HE’S COMING!” a distressed Liam runs into the dressing room. “HE’S GONNA KILL ME!”


“Not my fault you pulled down his pants.” Louis quipped.


“But it was for you to take his phone!”


“Yeah. Tell that to Harry.”


“Niall will you protect me?”


Niall sat down next to Louis. “Sorry mate. That’s Paul’s job.”


“ALRIGHT YOU GUYS START TALKING I WANT MY-” Harry froze at the threshold of the dressing room. “Diana…”


“Surprise?” I felt my insulin suddenly kicking in.


“But management said...” He sat down next to Niall. “But Louis and Liam fought…” He ran his hands through his hair. As if on cue, the stylists and the rest of the boys left the room. I mustered the courage I had and sat down next to Harry. Then I slowly explained every single detail of Niall’s plan. “But you tweeted…” He turned his head away.


“Hello!” I grabbed his chin and turned his head back in my direction. “You’re the man I was referring to!” Harry grinned. He looked at me, and I realized I still had a hold of his face.


His grin turned into a smirk. “Oh really now? Prove it.” Without a second thought, I leaned in and kissed him. Dear God I missed his lips. So soft and the right shade of pink. We finally broke away. It wasn’t going to be a long kiss anyway. But kissing Harry Styles again – it felt surreal. “Earth to Diana.” I hadn’t realized that I was still staring at him. Those light blue green eyes haven’t changed a bit.


“Huh?” I began to blush.


He chuckles. “Come on now. It’s been two weeks.” He picks up his phone from the table. “Hmm. Everyone avoiding me for a fortnight now makes sense.” He places his left arm around me and holds up his iPhone with his free hand. “Can we take a selfie together?”


“As long as you don’t post it.”


“Deal.” And with that, I stuck my tongue out while Harry gave his iPhone camera one of his famous dimpled smiles.




“Can I come in?” Louis was standing by the door with a hand over his eyes.


I rolled my eyes. “I guess so. It’s your damn dressing room.” He walked over to a shoe rack, picked up a pair of black Vans and some socks, then leaned against the wall to remove his slippers.


“I don’t know. I figured you two texting each other so much since your reunion in Indianapolis, you would be snogging by now.” I felt my face burn up so much that I buried my face into Harry’s neck.

“Sod off.” Harry replied. I felt him patting my shoulder. I emerged my head from his shoulder and sat normally.


“Relax you two, I’m only teasing.” He laced up his Vans. “Paul said were doing a bloody signing.”


“Again? And hour before the show?”


“Ah, the joys of working for Modest!, I am right?” He walks out the door, yelling right after. “Meet ya at the backstage exit, Haz!”

Harry got up from the sofa. “Let’s go.” He motions to the door.


My eyes widened. “What?!”


“Let’s. Go. To. The. Signing.” He grabs my hand.


“Harry I don’t think-”


“Diana, I want to show the fans that you’re mine.”


“But Harry-”


“I don’t want to keep you a secret.”


“But management said-”


“I don’t fucking care what they have to say.”

I sighed in defeat. When did he become this stubborn? Only one thing left to say. So I said that I needed to call my mom and tell her I got safely to Chicago. He agreed. Slightly disappointed, but he agreed. He pecks my lips, telling me that he’ll see me after the signing and the concert. He even made me promise to stay in the dressing room.

Before he left, he smiled back at me and blew a kiss. “Catch it!”


I snickered, while I was trying to make a call to my mom. “Caught it!”


“You better have!”

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