My Sunshine ( Hayes Grier Love Story )

Hi loves, this is my first story that is published online , so sorry if you start to get lost or can't understand or see missed spelled words. Anyways, this story is about 14 year old girl named Harley . She is a daughter of a single mother and gose to school with the one and only Hayes Grier. Harley gets assigned to do a project with Hayes and soon they became best friends , will they ever fall in love or nah ( he he ).


5. Why me!!


                 Harley's pov :


      So right now I'm in 3rd period which is with the one and only Hayes Grier. Today pour science teachers is telling us we have to do a project with a partner that she have assigned us to. ' okay class take out a piece of papperand right down the assignment for your project while I tell your partners'. She said getting a notebook off her desk I suppose has our names on it . I keep my fingers crossed that I get someone I can stand . 'Harley you and Hayes are going to be partners ' . My face went pail while I put my head down. I know what your thinking why don't you like Hayes he's the best and cutest person in the world , well he's not he's is the biggest school jock in the world. He hits on every girl in this school even me and Jamie. And I hope he doesn't try anything while were working on this project. The bell rang which means its time for lunch so I got up and walked as fast as could to my locker so I wouldn't get stoped by Hayes and his friend Luke but I failed. Hayes came and slamed my locker shut and blocked me from walking away by putting both his hand on both sides on the wall. I tried to go under his arms but he grabbed my arm. 'Hey were are you going '  ' to the cafeteria' I said yanking my arm away and putting it on my hip. ' well give me your number so we can meet up after school for the project'  I wrote my number on his hand and walked away to go find Jamie. I found her sitting next to Nick . I went and sat down in front of them and looked a Jamie and she already new what happened ' I'm sorry Harley '  she said hugging me over the table. 'Its okay, who's your partner ' ' Nick ' she said smiling a shy smile. I thought nothing can make this more depressing until Hayes came and sat down while putting his arm around me. I frowned and rested my hand on the table and put my face in them. 'Hey new best friends' Hayes said to Jamie and Nick ' what are you doing here Hayes I didn't invite here did I ' I said looking at him with a blank face. 'I know I just invited myself and I came to ask u what time do you want me to come over ' ' how about 5 ' I said looking at my full plate ' okay see you then ' Hayes said taking one of my fries and blowing me a kiss . I almost through up in my mouth.


             Skip to when school is over 

      Harley's POV : 


          Right now I'm walking to my car with my phone and keys in hand. I get in my car and put my key in and was about to pull off until some knocked on my window. I looked up and seen Hayes and rolled my eyes ' what do u want Hayes'  ' I wanted a ride ' ' fine hop in' I said unlocking my door to let him in . I already know were he lives. so i just drove not trying to start a covosation  up until he said something. ' so you live on your own '  he said looking at me ' yes ' was all I said . Then I was saved when I pulled up to his house . ' bye see you at 5 ' ' bye ' I said smiling . Wait did I just. smile . When he closed the door I sped off a little to my house. I have a lot of thinking to do.

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