My Sunshine ( Hayes Grier Love Story )

Hi loves, this is my first story that is published online , so sorry if you start to get lost or can't understand or see missed spelled words. Anyways, this story is about 14 year old girl named Harley . She is a daughter of a single mother and gose to school with the one and only Hayes Grier. Harley gets assigned to do a project with Hayes and soon they became best friends , will they ever fall in love or nah ( he he ).


2. Just Another School Day :-)


            Harleys pov :



  ' whyyyyyyyy!' I mumbbled hitting my alarm thats telling me i had to go to school. I got up using all the strength i had in my little bodie and walked to my bathroom to do my morning routein then turning on music befor getting in the shower. When I got out I went to my closet to pick out my outfit which is black high wasted pants with a white crop top longsleve shirt with a white and black flannel around the waste. I changed and went down stairs with my phone in hand to get a bagel and grabbed my black jansport and keys and left. I hopped in my dark green jeep and drove to jail I mean school. I stayed in my car to eat my bagle  and to put my hair in a ponytail and put a black a white bandana on. A few mintue s later the bell rang on which tells us that school is starting. I got out my car and walked to the to big dark blue doors and walked in to my locker and started walking to my history class. I was the first one there so I sat down in the back and played on my phone until the rest on the students started to pile in. I put my phone away and my best friend Jamie came and sat next to me wearing a peach skater skirt with a white crop top shirt that's loose and peach converse and her white jansport backpack. 'hey harley what you up to' 'nothing I said yawning ' 'aww are u tired' she said rubbing my hand 'yae' 'what time did u get up' 'um I think 5 or 6 i didn't look at my alarm this morning'. After our little conversation the teacher walked in and started her lesson and started talking .

Haha cliffie I will continue tomorrow so bye loves make sure u comment and give me ideas . :-)  :-). :-) 


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