My Sunshine ( Hayes Grier Love Story )

Hi loves, this is my first story that is published online , so sorry if you start to get lost or can't understand or see missed spelled words. Anyways, this story is about 14 year old girl named Harley . She is a daughter of a single mother and gose to school with the one and only Hayes Grier. Harley gets assigned to do a project with Hayes and soon they became best friends , will they ever fall in love or nah ( he he ).


4. Jamie Wattson



         Hi I'm Jamie and I'm going to tell u a little about myself. My favorite color is green and pink , I have a dollmation named spot, I am a daughter of a single mother, I am moving in with Harley in a about a week , ( if your thinking why me and Harley are.moving in together and were only 14 is because

Our moms think we are responsible enough to live on our own )., I have dirty blonde hair with green eyes with gray and blue around the edges, I have a gold lip periceing , and I have a boyfriend named Nick who is in the school football team. Well I gotta go so bye.

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