It's just the beginning.

My name's Jossaline Crossadams. Katniss Everdeen is my best friend in 13. Her and Gale are the only two things that bring me joy here. Although I grew up in 13, I've never liked what life I've had. Everything just seemed so.....boring. I always knew that there was more to life than keeping this tight schedule and eating this mush they call food. That's why I joined rebel army. It gives me an adrenaline rush. That's how I met them. And wow, I'm glad I did.


1. Hi. I'm Jossaline.

Smoke. Thick, black smoke is all that I could see and feel. I had no clue where it came from. But I quickly found out. I looked down, only to find that flames were devouring my black military boots. I screamed, and tried running from it. The flames eventually wore out, but now there was a new threat. It started getting incredibly hard to breath. I choked as I tried  to call for help. Tiny screeches were the only noises I was capable of making. "Jossaline! ", I heard somebody yell. This voice was unfamiliar,  but it was comforting. A figure emerged from the shadows, but he was too late. The second he got close to me, I felt safe. I thought that it would all be over, because, after all, he was coming to rescue me. But I was proven wrong. Everything went black. He was too late.

I quickly rose from my bed and yelled. I was covered in what I hope was sweat. My mom rushed to my side to see if I was okay. "Mommy, it felt so real.", I said in tears. My Mom hugged me close, and I just sniffled into her chest like I did when I was younger. The sound of my momother's heartbeat always seemed to calm me when I needed it most. I'm 18 now, but I felt like I was 2. Every once in a while, I would act like I was 2 and do things like skip, or cuddle with my mom. Hell, sometimes I would even wear my red curly hair in pigtails. I'm not going to lie, but I love those times when I don't have to be a rebel soldier. I get to be irresponsible for a certain amount of time. And who doesn't like getting to be carefree for a day? Because of this, I'm most likely the undisciplined soldier District 13 has. But I'm in advanced training because I can be as serious as a rock when it comes to it.

I slowly driffed asleep in my Mother's arms. I have a big day tomorrow.  It's my final test before I'm considered an actual soldier for the rebels. I will not fail this test. Even if I'm battered and beaten. I'm determined to pass with flying colors. No matter what it takes.

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