The Fangirl Games

The only thing worse than the real Hunger Games.


1. Chapter One (Rushed)

"Sammy! You're going to be late if you take any longer!" My mom called from the kitchen, all the way downstairs.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I called back to her from my bedroom. Quickly pulling on some black high waisted shorts, a Batman shirt and my black high top converse, I grabbed my bag and raced down the stairs, braiding my brown hair at the same time.

There was my usual chocolate PopTarts sitting on the bench and scarfed them down as quick as you could possibly snap your fingers. I then raided the cupboards and shoved some snacks in my bag and grabbed my sandwich from the bench also shoving that in there too. Just as I was about to walk out I realised I needed to brush my teeth. I have braces; no one likes the smell of metal, let alone the smell of morning breath and metal.

When I brushed my teeth, I ran to my room, yanked my phone off charge (I forgot about that too), raced back downstairs, pulled my bag from the ground, just in time for my best friend Jess to turn up in her car on the curb.

Jess beeped the horn and I ran to her car and got in the passenger seat. "Hey," I said breathless from my rushed morning

"Slept in?" My best friend laughed. She was dressed in a simple back shirt with denim shorts and the same shoes as me. Her brown hair was just in a fishtail braid on the side and she had her face dusted lightly and naturally with makeup. I, however had no time today to do my makeup this morning.

"Yes," I pouted at Jess as she pulled away from the curb and drove along the road to school. "My alarm didn't go off this morning,"

"Or you didn't wake up to it,"

"That too, but go along with what I said," I laughed.

Jess pulled into the school's car park and we got out. We just casually walked into school, but then had to split ways because our lockers were conveniently on the other side of the school. I shoved my phone into my pocket, and grabbed my Math books, seeing as I had double Math first two periods.


After school, Jess stayed over for a few hours and we just fucked around for a while, doing random shit and eating food. We planted ourselves on my big white bed, staring at the black TV in front of us, totally engrossed in the movie. We were watching Jessabelle, sheer terror happening in front of us.

When the movie was over, we just watched normal TV until we got hungry again. It was only around 5, and Jess was going home at 6:30, so I went downstairs to get a block of chocolate my mom had hiding somewhere.

On the way back up the stairs I realised I forgot my phone, so I had to go back down and grab it. When I reached my bedroom, Jess was intensely watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and didn't even notice my presence until I thought if the idea of jumping on her. She screamed and I laughed.

For the rest of the time Jess and I just ate the chocolate, watched TV and went on our phones, being the social butterflies we are. I got a text from my parents saying they were going to be out of town again for the night and it sucked because my brother was staying two weeks in New York. He was coming back in two weeks, but it was still lonely at times.

The clock hit 6:30, and Jess' dad showed up outside and she left. Then I was left to my own devices, totally annoyed that I had to find something for dinner. After a whole of checking, I came to the conclusion that there was nothing to eat and I had to order pizza. I was trying to save my money from my job, but I clearly had to feed myself before I starved.

It took literally almost and hour for my pizza to come, and I almost died of hunger. After my pizza, I just did my normal routine, showered, watched TV, eat, watched more TV, eat more food, etc.

Around 10 o'clock is when I dragged my lazy ass from the lounge room to my bedroom. I ate the rest of the chocolate Jess and I didn't eat, while watching some good, old American Horror Story. Even though I've seen the season a billion times, I still love it.

Just as the second episode was about to end, I felt my eyelids get droopy, and before I knew it, I fell asleep.


A/N: so this is just the first chapter of the story, just an introduction, so sorry if its short, chapters will progressively get longer. the plot will be coming into place soon, I don't to rush it just yet. please comment and let me know what you think x.


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