How I Met Justin Bieber

Ever dreamt of meeting the one and only JB? What if it didn't turn out quite how you expected it to....


2. Chapter Two - The Real Justin

I'd always dreamt about meeting a boy. Any boy. Seriously, I'm not picky. Just a boy who liked me for me. But this couldn't be him, could it?

I woke up to my alarm playing the latest song by MrAnonymous123. He's a boy on YouTube who posts covers and his own music but he won't reveal his identity. I'm like his number one fan! His latest song is called New Town New Guy and its so good!

I did my usual morning routine, woke up Alf and took him over the fields. Then I sat and ate my fruit granola and smoothie while listening to music. Then I had a shower and put on a baby blue sweater and some white jeans and tie dye converse. Then I braided my hair and pulled out a few curls at the front before pulling a pastel pink beanie over my head. Lastly I placed my big nerdy glasses on and applied a tiny bit of chapstick.

I walked out the house with my backpack and headphones on to block out the rest of the world.

I walk into school and within a second I trip over someone's outstretched foot and...SMACK! My face hits the floor hard and my eyes prick with tears. Hold it in, Mia, don't let the see. I look up to see four boys towering over me...Danny, Max, Kieran and....Justin.

Justin? But he seems so nice. I knew it was too good to be true but right then my heart dropped. The three bullies sneered at me but I looked over to Justin and he averted his eyes, looking to the floor as if he was ashamed. Danny, Max and Kieran all laughed and turned on their heels as they skulked off down the corridor. Justin looked down at me, considering what to do.

"Sorry." He muttered before hastily turning and walking away.

Could Justin be the guy? Pff how could I have been so stupid?! That fall had well and truly slapped me back into reality. This boy Justin was just like the others, a bully. A heartless bully.

((Sorry this chapter was so short! I've got lots planned for this story so stay tuned!)) xxxx

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