It's the third day of school for the new kid, Luke, and he doesn't what's headed towards.
Haley on the other hand, has got her whole life planned out but everything changes one she crosses paths with a bad boy and the new kid...


7. 6 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

As we're driving he asks me where I want go. "Well, I mean I don't really mind as long as I'm somewhere with you!" He looks over at me and gives me the cutest smile and pecks me on the cheek.

We pull up to a little frozen yogurt shop and walk in. "So, do you want anything?" He asks as he's looking up at the menu. "Umm, sure. But as long as it's not expensive." He laughs a little and says, "For you, I would give the world.... That is if I had it." I blush and then giggle at his joke. "Umm can I just get raspberry and chocolate?" He orders the frozen yogurts and we walk back to the car. "Thank you." I give him a kiss on the cheek and pull back into my seat. "Anytime beautiful!" He starts up the car and we keep driving. "So, where are we going now?" He smirks and just keeps driving. I just stay quiet until I decide to turn the radio on. Blink-182's 'I miss you' comes on and I hear Calum begin to hum to the song. He then begins to sing along to the chorus. He has a sweet, smooth and a little raspy voice. "I love your voice!" I say out of nowhere. I immediately say something to cover up the awkwardness "I'm sorry I didn't mean to-" but it just made everything more awkward. He puts his hand on my shoulder, weighing me down a little. "Your ok, there's no need to be nervous. I'm gonna take you to meet the boys at our, umm... Band house I guess." I nod my head and we continue to drive as we hum to the music playing. We finally pull up to a small condo and jump out of the car. I look up to observe the house and it's a beautiful sight. Calum grabs my hand and motions me to follow him inside. We walk inside and it's huge inside. It's strange how a house could look so small on the outside and be gigantic on the inside. "It's-it's- huge!" He smiles and lour's me into the studio room and there stand the two boys from earlier. "Hey,Haley!" Says the one with the colored hair. I wave shyly and he gives me a sly smile. I look around and notice someone on the drums. It was another one of the guys, this one had messy blonde hair and their band logo tattooed in his wrist. Then someone walks in... Someone that I really hadn't expected to be their... It was Luke.!

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