It's the third day of school for the new kid, Luke, and he doesn't what's headed towards.
Haley on the other hand, has got her whole life planned out but everything changes one she crosses paths with a bad boy and the new kid...


5. 4 Love In The Fields

"Nope, just getting ready to get harassed by my abusive dad when I go home..." "Wait, what?!?! Your father abuses you?" He turned to look at me quickly with shock. "Oh shit.! Did I say that out loud?" He nodded with a bit of anger. I was in panic. What a dumbass you are, you can't even keep your mouth shut! As I looked down in silence, Calum grabbed my arm and I moaned with pain. He pulled my sleeve of my jacket up as I struggled to pull my arm away. He revealed the cuts and bruises on my arms and wrists. "Haley, how long has this been going? You can't live like this!" He looked at me with a hurt expression on his face.

"Come on, let's get out of here." He grabbed my hand and we rushed towards the exit. "Calum, where are we going?" I looked up at him and saw that his face was beginning to get a little red. "Somewhere safe." We stopped and he turned me to face him. "Look Haley, I know we barely met but I don't what it is about you... There's just something that I see in you that I usually don't see in other girls. You're special, and that's why I want to protect you, I don't want you getting hurt." I began to blush as we continued to walk. He opened the door to a car that was hopefully his. "Thank you." I mumbled loud enough for him to hear. His cheeks turned as red as an apple and I smiled at his reaction. He started the ignition and we started to drive slowly. The whole ride home was silent except the music that was playing. It was rock band, they weren't bad. We pulled up to a house. It was small, but looked cozy. "Now, I know it's not much but it will have to do." We walked into the house and I looked around. It was beautiful inside, a big crystal chandelier hung over our heads and the wooden floor just brought the room together with the fluffy red couch and pillows. He took me upstairs to a surprisingly large bedroom. "You'll stay here until we have a plan to help you." I sat down on the bed and Calum walked over to the window. "Calum, I can't stay here. My dad will know something is wrong and he will come looking for me. Thank you for all your help but I have to go." I got up to walk out but he grabbed my arm and spun me around. I looked up and felt the shocking intensity of his soft lips smashing onto mine. I didn't hold back, I let it happen, I let myself slip away within his grasp. For the first time in forever I felt free, like I could do anything, like I had finally escaped all the pain that has been trapped inside for all these years. He let go and I felt a tear roll down my face. "What's wrong Haley? Did I upset you?" I shook my head no and I walked back over to the bed. "Well what's wrong, let me help you." "It's just, my whole life I just feel like I've been trapped in a box. And then you come, and I feel like I've been set free." I begin to cry as Calum runs over to me and comforts me. I snuggle into his warm chest and I could feel his heart beat speed up. "I'm here for you. I would never make you feel like that and I won't let anyone else make you feel like that either." I looked up and kissed him. I felt the shock that felt like a tiny electric current passed through us. But it didn't hurt, it just made me want to kiss him even harder.

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