It's the third day of school for the new kid, Luke, and he doesn't what's headed towards.
Haley on the other hand, has got her whole life planned out but everything changes one she crosses paths with a bad boy and the new kid...


3. 2 Feelings Trapped Inside

The next day

I walked through the halls knowing that I was going have to see him one way or another. I walked to my locker and saw someone that caught my eye. It was someone I hadn't recognized, someone with big black hair, with ripped black skinny jeans, like Luke but different in ways I can't explain. Who is he? Why is he at my locker? Is he waiting for me? I walked up to him. "Can I help you?" I said with a soft texture in my voice. "Umm, no. Why?" He said continuing to look down. "Well, your standing I front of my locker, and I haven't seen you around here before." I said as I stared at his face trying uncover his features. "Are you trying to pull a joke or something? This is my locker." He finally looked up and noticed I was staring. "Um, no this is my locker, C112. Are you lost?" I was getting more and more confused but stunned by his beautiful appearance. "Do you think I'm special ed or something, I might be new but I'm not stupid. This is my locker, now get lost." He said as he looked back down. I walked away, but turned back realizing that I needed my books. "Get outta here!" He yelled at me with a dead voice. "Um, I need my books." I was in hush mode and a little frightened as well. He moved from in front of the locker and I unlocked, I grabbed my things and walked away as fast as I could. I couldn't have gotten out of there any quicker. I reached my first class and met with Alexa. "Hey, you didn't text me last night. What's up?" She looked at me with a worried expression. Shit! I forgot to text her. What do I say? Do I tell her about Luke? Or how about the strange new kid? "Hey, did you hear me?" She said as she waited for a response. "Uh, Alexa, I haven't been completely honest with you..." I felt a huge knot in my stomach beginning to grow. She looked scared. "What's wrong?"my head was spinning, I felt like I was going to throw up. And with that, the floor was getting higher and higher until it went black.

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