Last First Kiss

Hey I'm Raegan Bradley when it comes to my life there's not much to tell besides I was abused by both of my parents Emotionally and physically and when I decided I finally had enough and I ran away I put one of my best friends life in complete danger. But what I didn't know in that moment my life was changing for the better. Hi I'm Raegan Bradley and this is my story.


1. Runawa

"Raegan's prov" 

"Where were you last night" said my mom with her bony arms on her hips and her eyes Burning hole in my forehead as I stood there silent and keeping my head down hiding my face "Awser me Skank" she said raising her voice making me flinch at the sudden loud noise "I was in my room" I said quietly hoping she didn't hear the Sass in my tone  but she did and she ran her hand across my face in a swift motion making a loud smack noise and the tears that were kept in my eyes started to fall down my cheeks. "Stop crying I could do alot worse and you know it, now awser the question" she said with venom dripping from her words "I was at Faith's we had  A project due tomorrow but you wouldn't let me go" I said  SMACK! she slapped me once again but with alot more force this time "Remember what I told you Slut... your to gross to have any yet alone be outside now go to your room your grounded" she said before turning on her heel and toke a sip of her beer "What else is new" I mumbled to myself quietly but she stopped walking and walked right over to me "Get in your Damn room your dads waiting" she said smirking at the last part making me scared inside because I knew what was going to happen and it terrified me.


As I slowly made my way to my room million of Fears ran through my head as I placed my hand on the cold Knob and turned it open to see my dad standing at the end of the bed smirking "Bed Now" he demanded "Please" I begged before he snatched my arm and threw me on the bed before jumping on top of me and Pulled out a silver Blade "unbotton your shirt now" he ordered as I slowly unbottoned my  blouse one by one until the doorbell rang through the house making him stop in his tracks "Stay put babe" he whisphered in my ear slicing my shoulder a bit before getting off of me and shoving the blade in his back pocket and covering it with his shirt. 


As he turned the corner and was out of sight I quickly buttoned my shirt up again and got up quickly closing the door quietly and Locked it and grabbed a bag I Kept in my closet in case I ever got to the point where I needed to go to save my life and I had a feeling today was the day. I snatched my phone and a grey Baseball sweater that was my brothers and Put it on before opening my window and started to slowly climb out gripping on the branches and climbed down the tree like a monkey and landing with a loud thud."Slut!" shouted my parents as I stood up and fear ran through my body as I ran down the street thinking and praying they wouldn't come after me but luck was never on my side and when I glanced over my shoulder they were running after me.


"Get Back here Whore!" shouted my mom as she ran beside my dad with a gun in her hand Wait if she has a gun why isn't she shooting me? I thought to myself just before a loud Bang went off and gasps and screams were all around me only meaning one thing she shot someone. 


I can't run if its putting innocent people life's in danger I thought as I stopped running and waiting clutching my eyes closed as hands grasped my arms hard and screams went around me "hope your happy pretty boy got something because of you" said my dad in my ear as he kept the knife on my Shoulder and my mom kept me at gun point. "Stay with us Zyan" I heard one of the group say to the boy who got shot. My Parents Shot Zyan.


"Harry's prov" 

BANG! and Zyan Fell to the ground with Blood gushing out of his left shoulder "Zyan" we all said scared out of our minds  as he fell to the ground trying to keep his eyes open "Stay with us Mate" said Liam beside him and trying to keep him up as Louis called 911 and I glanced over my shoulder to see a guy and a women standing around a girl shouting and they each had a knife and gun in their hands. Something inside of my burst so I stood up and ran at the guy Knocking him to the ground and grabbing the knife and throwing it away and holding him down as Niall did the same to the Women but was careful with the knife. "go over there Love" I said looking at the girl who was terrifyied and had tears falling. "Liam!" shouted Niall struggling to keep the women down so Liam came running over and taking the girl away and over to Zyan until the police and paramedics brought the guy and Women to the station. 


"We need to know what happened Mr Styles" said the officer jotting something down on a pad of paper "We were taking a walk when a loud bang went off and Zyan fell to the ground shot and when I looked back to see the girl Held at Gun point and  a knife against her shoulder" I said before walking away and meeting up with Liam who hugged the girl who was crying. "Whats your name Love" I asked bending down and looking into her eyes she lifted her face up and said "Raegan" Raegan.


Boys" called a paramedic urging for us to come over as Liam lifted Raegan up and slowly brought her over "We need 3 people to be in here so choose but make it fast" he said before going to the back to help the other paramedic "You boys go I'll go With Raegan we'll meet you there" I said before taking Raegan's hand and getting into the Van and buckled my seat belt and started to drive as she Stared out the window. "Are you okay?"

"Raegan's prov" 

"It'll be okay" soothed a Boy from the group "No it won't Your friend might die because of me" I said as tears ran down my face and landed in my lap "Its alright" he said before pulling me in a hug and I burried my head in his chest "Whats your name Love" spoke the boy who attacked my dad looking at me with soft eyes filled with Worry "Raegan" I said lifting my head up and looking into his emerald eyes. 

"Boys" called the paramedic, Liam I think it was Brought me to my feet and slowly walked over to the car "Only three can come" I heard the one in the back who was rushing to help Zyan "We need three people to be in here so choose fast" he said before going to help the other. "you boys go I'll go with Faith we'll meet you there" he said before taking my hand and pulling me to a van where he unlocked it with a beep and got inside. As I slowly made my way inside and put on my seatbelt I stared out the window thinking about what just happened. the parent's who torchtured me for years are in jail and I'm free, but on the other hand I am the reason their friend might die. "are you okay?" asked the boy with curly hair snapping me out of my thoughts "No.. I'm the reason your friends in this sutiuation if I didn''t run he wouldn't be in this situation.." I wouldn've kept going but curls stopped me "Woah, Woah, Woah this isn't your fault" he said glancing at me but then putting his eyes back on the road. "Your friend's in the Hospital because of me what part of that do you not get" I said with a hint of attuitude and as he lifted up his arm I flinched and covered my face perpairing for the impact but it never came. 

"Aren't you going to Hit me?" I asked quietly as he looked at me "I would never hit you Raegan let alone a girl" I slowly nodded before looking out the window to see we were there "Come on" I said getting out fast and running to the doors and opening them hearing my name being called my Curly. "Raegan" said Liam coming over to me as I jogged into the waiting room "Any  news?" I asked he looked down to the ground and shaked his head. "Dammit" I cursed before taking a seat in the corner and bringing my knees up to my chest "Its alright he'll be fine...he's strong" said one with Brown hair and a tattoo of a bird. "Where is he" said a girl voice as she turned the corner and looked right at the Boys "guys how is he" she asked nervously "Still in operation" said Blonde hair "How did this happen I wasn't given good enough information" she asked sitting beside Bird Tattoo. "We were walking and heard a bang and he collasped to the ground with blood and then Harry looked to see a women and Guy holding Her at Gun point and a knife dug in her Shoulder screaming at her.. Niall and Harry ran over and helped her while I called 911" he explained as the girl looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"Raegan" said Harry sitting beside me and putting a arm over the back of my chair "Oh I see you met Perrie" I looked at the girl and gave her a small smile and she smiled big back at me "Don't worry Hun this wasn't your fault you and Zyan are the victom" I slowly nodded but I didn't believe it this was all my fault weather they believed it or not I could possibly kill Zyan

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