My rapist

One day when becca is out walking, a horrible thing happens to her. She's raped! But could this be the start to an unexpected romance! Who knows!!!!!!! Read to find out

Contains sexual content, DO NOT read if under 16!!!!


1. Zayn malik RAPED me

"Becca wake up" my mum shouts,

"What!" I shout back angrily, she's so annoying it's nearly 13 o'clock at night! "I need groceries, go get me some" she shouts back again, I groan but do it anyway! It's 12 OCLOCK AND SHE WANTS ME TO GO GROCERIES SHOPPING! I tell he gum annoyed grab some money and throw on some clothes. I only have some short shorts on and a tank but it's fine. There my pjs. I go out and he's towards the hop but on my way I feel as if I am being followed and begin to freak out. I begin to run but reach a dead end. Suddenly someone grabs me and pushes me against the wall. It's too dark to see them but they are really attractive from what I can see.

"Hi doll" he smirks and I moan not meaning to when he pushes his crotch against mine. He smirks and begins to undo his belt. "What are u doing" I gasp and he ties my hands up. He begins to strip me so I begin to cry and he slaps me.

"Shut up bitch" he shouts and takes off my clothes so I'm naked then he dose the same and soon we are both naked.

He puts his cock inside me and it really hurts because I'm a virgin but soon it begins to feel good and I cum. He dose too. He makes me give him a blow job and I swallow him cum then he unties me.

"See u soon beautiful, the names zayn malik by the way" he smirks and leaves. I sit down and begin to cry because zayn malik just RAPED me but it did sorta feel good...

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