My rapist

One day when becca is out walking, a horrible thing happens to her. She's raped! But could this be the start to an unexpected romance! Who knows!!!!!!! Read to find out

Contains sexual content, DO NOT read if under 16!!!!


2. pregnant

When I get home my mum is angry because I didn't get the groceries but I don't care, zayn raped me! I don't tell her though she would just get angry and tell me I should have run. I go to bed because it's now 3 in the morning and dream of zayn.

In the morning I wake up to something feeling really good in my slit, I moan opening my eyes and gasp looking down to see zayn licking my clit and cum.

"Zayn" I gasp, "what are you doing here" I say worried my mum might catch him.

I think he read my mid because he smirks and puts two fingers inside me.

"Don't worry ur mum is out" he smirks and begins to put his fingers in and out of me fast so I cum loads of times. When he takes them out he sucks all the cum off and smirks. I moan watching him bit look away.

"WHAT" he shouts angrily.

"You raped me" I cry and he frowns, "I was a virgin" I cry an his eyes widen in shock.

"Fuck becca why didn't u tell me" he says and I can tell he feels guilty. I shrug and he looks down upset but then smirks.

"I can make it up to u" he smirks and takes his boxers off, I'm already naked. I gasp as he puts his cock in me again and it dosent hurt now. He goes in and out until I'm screaming his name and soon we both cum at the same time. He pulls out and I curse.

"Shit we both cummed at the same time" I say,

"Shit I didn't use a condom u could be pregnant" he panics.

He quickly gets dressed and goes to the pharmacy and gets me a pregnancy test. I do 5 of them and there all positive. IM PREGNANT!!!!!!!!

I begin to cry and zayn comes in and sees I'm pregnant.

"Baby don't cry it's ok we will have a baby" he says softly.

"I just met u the other day though what will my mum and dad think" I cry and he smiles.

"Who cares look becca I think I might be in love with u, I know it's only been a day but it is love at first sight" he says and kisses me. I kiss him back and smile.

"I think I love u too" I say and we both begin to kiss until suddenly my dad walks in.

"BECCA WHO THE FUCK IS HE" my dad shouts.

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