My rapist

One day when becca is out walking, a horrible thing happens to her. She's raped! But could this be the start to an unexpected romance! Who knows!!!!!!! Read to find out

Contains sexual content, DO NOT read if under 16!!!!


3. 1 year later

I cry as my dad runs to zayn and punches him.

"DAD STOP" I shout but he dosent listen and zayn punches him back soon they both are fighting.

"DAD IM PREGNANT" I shout right as my mum comes in. My dad stops fighting with zayn and my mum faints.

"We forgot the condom and I'm pregnant" I cry and my dad walks over to give me a hug but I push him away and run over to zayn who's bleeding.

"I HATE U HOW COULD U DO THIS" I shout at my dad who made zayn bleed.

"Baby I'm fine-" I cut him off and kiss him.

"Zayn I want I run away" I cry as my parents leave.

"U can come love with me" zayn says and I nod happily.

*a year later*

I had the baby and it's a boy called Josh! He's sooooooo cute. Me and zayn live together and are having sex a lot. It's fine coz Zayns friend harry looks after the baby when we have sex so he dosent hear or see. In fact Zayns friend harry has him now.

"Baby" zayn says comming up behind me and rubbing his dick against my ass, I know he's horny.

"Wanna have sex" he moans an kisses me roughly. I moan but shake my head no. I'm too busy. He won't take no for an answer and quickly takes off my clothes.

"Zayn stop" I say but he puts me on the bed on my hands and knees and takes out his cock and dose me doggy style. It feels so good but we have to stop soon coz harry stops Josh back off.

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