Mine for the summer

Summer lovin


1. Chapter 1

Today's the big day, today's the day I start my

new life, California here I come baby!

I just finished my high school back in newyork and now, I'm coming to live with my aunt in California. Sweet.

Flight 1392 boarding to Los Angeles


"Aunt Gloria?" I ask opening the door with the key she

left for me.

No reply. She must be at work. I pull the luggage through

the door and explore this huge mansion. I finally find the

room that I assume is mine. I already love it here.


"Excuse me?" I ask a stranger passing by.

"Sorry?" I ask again.

I'm lost and no one is helping me find my way to sunset

boulevard. Trying myself one last time.

"Excuse me?" I ask a boy passing by.

"What's up?" He gives me a welcoming smile.

"I'm lost, how do I get to sunset blvd?" I question.

He explains to me the directions and I'm completely intrigued

with this guy. He's attractive as heck. His dark hair is in a

kind of quiff, I can't see his eyes though because he is wearing

shades but his smile is heart warming.

"Thanks a lot, see you around maybe" I thank and I start to walk


"Hold up" He yells after me. "Don't I get your name?"

I giggle. "I'm Bella, and you are?"

He gives me a shocked look. "I'm justin" He says and removes

his shades. "Justin Bieber."

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