Our Love, Our Friendship, Our Summer

Five friends spend the summer of their lives on Gibson Island. Little did they know that this summer would be filled with drama and romance. Read this story to find out more.


3. Chapter 2

Sebastian's P.O.V.

I check the time. It is already 10:00 p.m.

I've been reading for 3 hours. God I'm exhausted.  

My phone rings and I see that I have a text from Toby.


Toby: Hey guys! Can't sleep. Is anyone still up?

Me: I am. I may or may not have just read for 3 hours straight.

Ryder: Well I am up now. Geez Sebatin what would you do if i burned all ur books.

Me: First of all you spelled my name wrong and secondly if you were to burn my books I would burn you.

Ryder: Lol, why is ur name so complicated.

Me: *eye roll* How about you ask my parents.

Charlotte: Guys shut up I'm watching Pitch Perfect for the millionth time.


Emma: Hey guys! Did someone say Pitch Perfect?!

Me: What the hell is Pitch Perfect?

Toby: *GASP* Sebastian you are not Patrick Star! Stop living under a rock and get with the 21st Century!

Charlotte: You are kidding.....right?

Emma: Pitch Perfect is a movie about a girl named Becca who goes to college and ends up starting an acapella group. IT IS THE MOST FUNNIEST/ AMAZING MOVIE EVER!

Me: Is it better then Harry Potter?

Ryder: please dont start fanboying over harry potter...

Me: Fine. I guess I'll have to watch Pitch Perfect now or you guys will never let me hear the end of it. Right after I find out what acapella is.

Toby: You are right, we won't.

Charlotte: Fat Amy is literally my queen. JUST WATCH THE MOVIE SEBASTIAN! IT IS ACA-AWESOME!!! :D


Me: How is that even relevant to the topic?

Charlotte: Erm, cool...?

Toby: My sister is learning to count by watching how many girls Ryder flirts with on a daily basis. She can already count to like 50!

Me: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Make it 100 if she can count how many times he's spelled my name wrong.

Ryder: toby matthias blanchard! im coming to your house to strangle you! plus, i havent even flirted with her.

Toby: Yet ;)

Emma: Violence isn't the answer Ryder.

Ryder: Whatever Ill see u guys tomorrow. Im tired

Me: Same here. Text you guys in the morning ;)

Toby: Okay, night guys!

Charlotte: Night night friends!!!! <3

Emma: Sweet dreams everyone! :)



Toby's P.O.V.

I wake up and reach for my phone. This is the first thing I do in the morning. Is that healthy? 

Goodness it is 7:00 in the morning! How did I wake up so early???

I turn my phone on and see that I have a text. It's from Emma.


Emma: Hey Toby! I'm up early. My parents both had to go to work early today and I am so lonely. You want to come over? Don't feel obligated. Sorry to disrupt you.

Me: Of course! Be over in a second...literally I'm not even going to bother changing out of my pajamas.

Emma: Thankyouthankyouthankyou! You are the best :)


I jump out of bed and put on my slippers and hoodie.

Then I run downstairs, write a note to my parents, and head over to Emma's house.

Emma's house is only a couple streets down from mine. 

Once I reach her house I knock on the door.

"Emma it's me! Toby!" I scream.

"Really? How do I know you aren't an intruder disguised as Toby?!" She screams back.

I laugh and she opens the door.

"Thanks for coming over. Your the best," Emma says.

"No problem," I say, following her up to her room.

"Figured the others would get ticked off at me if I texted them this early in the morning. Except you of course. Plus you practically live right down the street."

I laugh.

"You got that right. Charlotte would start being dramatic, Ryder would be extremely annoyed, and Sebastian would probably shoot sarcastic remarks at you for 20 minutes straight."

She giggles.

"You want to watch something on Netflix?" Emma asks.

"Sure!" I answer.

"Wait!  I have the perfect movie we can watch." Emma says, running downstairs.

She comes back up with the Finding Nemo DVD.

"Oh my god, Finding Nemo! I swear I feel like a kid again when I watch this movie," I say, excitedly.

Finding Nemo was literally my childhood. When I used to come over Emma's house for a play date, her mom would always put on this movie for us. Our friendship was basically started on a love for Finding Nemo.

"I know right! Disney movies are my favorite of all time and Finding Nemo is one of the best Pixar films ever made! You used to come over and watch this movie with me when we were like 6. Wow we are old," Emma says.

"Tell me about it. I can't think of anything better to do on my first day of summer break other than watch Finding Nemo with you," I respond.

She pops the DVD into the DVD player and starts the movie.

Then she goes over and sits on her bed.

I grin and sit next to her.

Emma and I sit like kids as we watch the movie, laughing at the same moments. 

But I keep getting distracted because her laugh mesmerizes me. When I look over at her I get lost in those sea blue eyes and that long messy blonde hair. 

"Remember we used to be petrified of Bruce?" She says.

I force my eyes to look back up on the screen.

"Yeah! We used to shut our eyes and cover our ears. You cried the first time we watched it together," I say, laughing at the memory.

Emma throws a pillow at me.

"Shut up! You probably wet your big boy pants," Emma says with a smirk.

Don't blush, don't blush, DON'T BLUSH!!!!!!!!!!

"AHAHAHAHAHA! I knew it!" She says.

"Whatever, I wasn't scared. I just was so engrossed in the movie that I didn't want to have to get up and use the toilet..."

"Sure, okay." Emma replies, sarcastically.

We return our attention back to the movie.

Throughout the film we chat about particular scenes that were attached to memories from our childhood.

When the movie ends, Emma says,

"That was spectacular for the millionth time watching it."

"I couldn't agree more. It was nice to take a trip down memory lane."

"I'm starving, how about you?"

"My stomach is eating itself as we speak."

"Come on, let's go eat. Chef Emma will be making our meal today."

"How delightful. I heard she is the best chef on the island."

Emma smiles and blushes. It makes me really happy that I can make her smile like that. 

I sit down at the kitchen table. Emma and I chat as she starts making my favorite pancakes for breakfast.

Once they are done, we dig in.

After we are done I say,

"Delicious as always Emma. Thanks for breakfast."

"No problem," She replies.

''I better get home. Darcy is probably up by now and I told her I would play with her. Little sisters are a handful, and I would much rather stay here and hang out with you."

"Awww you're such a good big brother. I have to do some chores around here anyways. Thank you for hanging out with me. It was really nice," She says.

She walks over to me and gives me a hug. Emma gives the best hugs. I really don't want her to let go. 

Finally, she pulls away, to my disappointment. 

What? I don't even know. Am I feeling feverish?

"My pleasure. Text you later. Bye!" I say as I walk out the door.

Her touch, those eyes, that long blonde hair...and god that smile.

What has gotten into me?! I have been like this for months now.

Emma is my best friend.

It's like my brain says one thing and my heart says another.

My brain demands that she is just my friend, my heart longs for something else though. Goodness, I must be losing my mind. Honestly, what it going on with me?

I try to just forget about it but the whole walk home my brain and heart battle. 

What is wrong with me?!?!?!

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