The Sound of a Butterfly

About Frank x Gerard of My Chemical Romance ^^
I just wrote alittle :3


1. Finally

It was February. The air was moist and surprisingly hot. Frank and the rest of My Chemical Romance had finally reached their last stop. Los Angles. The crowd was amazing as always, but something was different. Frank looked around while playing his guitar. He suddenly looked at Gerard. His moves were amazing as always. Everything about him was perfect. Frank’s hands started to shake uncontrollably. Suddenly he removed his hands from the strings, and sat down. He saw Gerard walk towards him with a wild look in his eyes. Frank knew what was going to happen. He looked away, but Gerard  suddenly pushed him up against the wall, his hazel eyes were still wild-looking. “What do you think you are doing?” he said angrily while raising his knew towards his croutch. Frank started to moan silently. “I-I just suddenly lost control”, he whispered. Gerard kicked him in the nuts with a huge strength. Frank’s body bowed down in pain. He rolled around on the floor while whispering words of regret. “This is not a game” Gerard said with a huge grin on his face. He turned his back on Frank and shouted on the top of his lungs:” Are we going to have some fun tonight?! Then let me see your fucking hands in the air” Frank picked up his guitar, still in huge pain from the kick, but he was doing this for one purpose, and one purpose only, to make Gerard finally love him.
The show was complete and the hall became silent once again. Frank started to pack his stuff, he was so confused, and his head was filled with all the things Gerard had said. That voice who was like melted butter. It could make any girl want to fall down on their knees of pure excitement. But why was Gerard acting so innocent after the incident on the stage? Did he just want to forget after all? Was it all just a trick to test him? Frank went back to the tour bus. The smell of stinky socks and rotten food filled the air. The bus was extremely small, so once in a while they had to sleep two in one bed. Bob and Ray usually slept together; it always gave them all quite a laugh. Ray suddenly walked towards Frank with his curly hair bouncing on the top of his head. He opened a window, finally. “Hey man” he said while rubbing the back of his head “Would you mind sleeping with Gerard tonight? Bob is starting to drive me crazy these days” Bob turned his head fastly towards them: “I heard that!”
it was 3:00 am, and Frank couldn’t sleep at all. He kept feeling Gerard’s back against his, and he actually felt safe. He touched his hair and curled it around his finger. ‘He seriously needed to stop dying it’ he thought to himself. He looked at the sky where the starts were shining bright. Yes, this is the place he wanted to be  


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