Fierce by Blood

Alicia Rosalie Taylor is not a normal teen. She's a morpher. Added to that she is a member of a secret society that is there solely to protect the Elite City. But what happens when after a devastating attack dark secrets start to be revealed? Who is trustworthy and who is not? With her boyfriend, follow Alicia as she embarks on the quest of a lifetime.


1. Chapter 1

I ran and ducked. Jabbed and slashed. Expertly twirling my way throw the heart of the battle. It wasn't an easy life, the one I had, but it was still satisfying to know you were doing something with yourself. I noticed a familiar shock of black hair. Alexander Kyle (or Alex) was prince of the Elite City, the city I was charged to protect. He was also my loving, albeit forbidden, boyfriend. He of course wasn't supposed to be with me because I was still just a commoner, protecting the city or not. I found myself cornered. As usual I didn't worry at all, I just shrank into the wall and looked pitiful. It always worked. No one expects a girl who is 4.11" and weighs 80 pounds to be able to fight someone ten times her size and come out the winner.

Soon enough the fighting stopped. A pair of strong hands spun me around and I came face to face with my boyfriend's worried eyes. "Are you okay kitten? No cuts? Bruises? Any injuries at all?" He was frantically searching my body for wounds. I laughed at his protectiveness. He was always like that. "I'm fine Alex, stop worrying please. It's driving me mad." I kissed his cheek softly. He smiled at me and I grabbed his hand. Leaning down he whispered in my ear  after kissing the shell. "Will you come see me tonight?" I smiled and nodded. Alex was always gentle with me. He was so loving and caring. He treated me like a queen. We separated and I headed home. I shifted into a kitten and ran home on my tiny legs. As I went up the walkway I shifted back. "Mum I'm home!" No response. I wasn't surprised. Mumma and Papa had been very busy at work these days. I just headed to the kitchen and started dinner so the little ones could eat when they got home.

Soon enough the trampling sound of little feet come from the walkway leading to the house. I laughed softly as my three little siblings ran into the house. I squeaked in shock as I was tackled to the ground by three screaming toddlers. "Ali! Did you miss us?" I laughed and picked them up. "I did! How did you know?" I didn't hear their responses. My eyes had been drawn outside where I saw a dark shape staring at us. "Why don't you guys go play? I'll finish dinner." They all ran upstairs without answering. 



Later that night in my bed I thought about the shape I had seen. Something told me that shape would be causing me lots of problems in the future.


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