a girl go's to camp for the summer and meets this really cutie guy<3


2. 2

(in the first chapter i said 5sos fanfic i am changing that to the janoskians thx for reading)


we wear waiting for are food when 4 boys came out i looked at one of the boys that came out he was tall had blond hair that was in a perfect quiff with a lip ring that i have to say was sexy. he was wearing black skinny jeans with holes in both knees and a apron so i dont now what t-shirt he was wearing.there was 3 other boys one with green hair 1 with bark hair and a guy with curly air.they wear wearing pretty much the same thing. 

"there cute arnt they"leah said 

but i was 2 busy staring at him but teg started waving her hand in front of my face

"thats luke the one with green hair is Michael the one with dark hair is calum and the curly hair dude  is ashton " she explained 

"you guys are pathetic"jojo said 

luke waked up to us passed us are food and winked and me and he walked  a way i coude feel some one sairing at me i turned my hied and saw chloe giving me a dirty look 

"omg did he just wink at you" liv shouted  

i smiled and ate my food and we wear talking 

"they come hear every summer and help with cooking"


after we had finished we went back to the cabin and was dancing and listing to music then we went to the camp fire we sat down then i saw luke and the other boys he had a guitar like the other 2 Michael and calum ashton had nothing we sat down and luke smiled at me so i smiled back. we wear sat on logs.

"k guys we are going to sing some songs " luke said

"we are going to start with just a dream" calum said 

so we were singing they wear playing guitar and ashton was hitting a log 

we sang:

just a dream

look at me now

locked out of heaven 

we sang and told jokes it was really cool after we had to go back to are cabins we got in to are pjs and hopped in bed said good night and fell asleep.

hi guys thx for reading my story make sure to check out my other book my cousins best friend and leave a comment if you like or not <3






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