a girl go's to camp for the summer and meets this really cutie guy<3


1. 1

Hi im holly im 17 year old and im from new york.i have long brown hear with blond tips and im 5 foot. i live with my mum and my puppy lily. and today i was wearing black skinny jeans with a hole in the wright knee and a black top that showed my belly button with some make up on and of my high tops.

we were in the car driving to summer camp i had to stay for 5 weeks and i was not exited my friend rose is going to Hawaii and im going to stupid camp. i wasnt use to nature i live in new York. im use to cars and big buildings not trees and lakes but my mum is making me go she must be having a mental brake down she hates the outdoors but is making me go. i dont now eny one so i will be on my own and im fine with that. we had another hafe a hour to go till we will be there so im on my phone reading 5sos fanfic. as we were pulling up to the camp every one was wearing shorts and tank tops. i got out and got my bag from the boot and went with my mum to this office they gave me a time table of what activates we will be doing and what will be for breakfast, dinner, tea every day and when it will be and that stuff and gave me a blank it pillow and covers for them my cabin number and a key to it. i kissed my mum bye and went to find my cabin when i found it i was the first one there so i unpacked and went to the top bunk in the right corner. after that i was lying on my bed when 2 girls came in one had blond/brown hair and the other was ginger.they came in and sarted to unpack there bags then a girl with brown hear and a girl with black hair came in and started to un pack so the cabin was full now coz there was 2 bunk beds and 1 single bed the girl with ginger hair was under me the girl with brown was on the top on the othere with the girl with black on the bottom so the blond/brown was on the single.

"hi im olivia " the girl with ginger said some time later after everyone had introduced them selves.

     names         nik names

ginger =olivia= liv

brown = tegan= teg

black= joleene= jojo

blond/brown=leah= leah

then some one out side was shouting.

"tea time come on" every one walked out of the cabin and was now in a big room with lots of tables we all sat down at a table and started talking then a girl with blond hair came up to us with 2 girls be hind her 

"move this is are table" she said with attitude in her voice

"sorry chloe" teg said getting up and every one else started getting up so i stud up and said 

" i dont see your name one it so go sit some wear else we were hear first" i said 

"dont get up in my face little miss new now move"

"NO why dont you and your group FUCK OFF"

"fine but you better watch your back from now on" she said and turned around and left

"omfg i can not believe you gust did that she is going to kill you"

" i will be fine she dose not scare me"

"ok but watch your back"


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