My OC (Code Lyoko


1. My OC- Code Lyoko OC

Name: Desiree Marie Dubois Looks: Long, Strawberry Blonde hair, blue eyes, tends to dress up a lot. Gorgeous, hard not to fall in love with. There's something in the way she moves just drives you crazy. Teachers love her and guys love her. Almost goddess-like Her personality: Brave, carefree, crazy, funny, fun, loving, kind, outgoing, (sometimes overly) enthusiastic, but yet suspicious and sometimes naive, often trusts the wrong people. Lyoko Weapons and special abilities: Charmspeak and Kiss of Paralysis (Kisses them and they are temporarily paralyzed; has only a 3 minute effect), blood bending (ability to control blood flow in humans), and ability to control fire. Avatar: Princess
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