Stockholm Syndrome

Reagan James is just a normal girl working in Starbucks. She has her own issues, especially regarding to her mother's life. One cold day in December everything changes, she's mistaken for someone else. She's taken away by the ladies man and superstar Harry Styles plus eight other young men and among them is a long lost friend. She knows who Harry is, and all she wants is to get away. What happens when Harry opens up and shows the real Harry Styles? Will she stay or still run away? Hey guys! I'm writing a new movella, hope you'll like it! xx


12. 12

Chapter 12

Sorry for the wait guys! Here it is!

I have a little quote for you before reading :)

'Life is my creation, it's my best friend, imagination is my defence'

Reagan's POV:

I wake up feeling nauseous and someone's arms are around me. Oh yeah I forgot, Harry's here. I turn my head and meet those gorgeous green eyes of his. He is smiling 'Hey, how are you feeling?' He picks a strand of my hair and places it behind my ear, making me tremble with butterflies all over.

'I'm feeling a little nauseous right now..'

Worry crosses his face immediately 'I think we should get you to the doctor, just in case..'

'Okay Harry..' I don't have strength to argue about it, I don't want to go to the doctor, but just to keep Harry happy I'm not feeling the need to argue with him on that.

The other guys still haven't come back from lunch, so Harry takes me to the doctor. At the doctors I feel a slight discomfort, I don't like going to the doctors but if it makes Harry happy then it's worth a try.

'It's okay Regs..' Harry assures me as the doctor takes me in to see him. Harry gives my hand a gentle squeeze before letting go.

'So what seems to be the problem?' The doctors kind face turns to me as we sit down. He looks like he could be in his mid sixties. His hair is short and grey, his eyes blue and his face is quite wrinkled.

'Yesterday I started to feel very ill, my head started hurting and my hand became clammy. I was burning up and I still don't feel well..'

He seemed to think about what I said for a minute before answering. 'Has anything major happened in your life recently?'

Anything major? What could that be? Being kidnapped by One Direction? Finding Michael, my moms sudden car crash?

Suddenly I feel no control of my mouth. I let out everything that's been on my mind for the past few weeks and what has happened to my mom.

'Reagan, this might be a case of shock and stress. With all that's happened your body is now telling you to slow down and rest' his smiling face looks at me with worry, I'm stressed?

'Oh...' I breathe heavily it's like everything I've been through so far doesn't seem real until this very moment. It's like the doctor has woken me up from a deep slumber, somehow all the things seemed like a dream but now it all comes rushing over me like crashing waves on the shore.

Tears run down my cheeks endlessly. Why am I crying so much?

'It's okay.. Just let I all out. I'll give you something to make you relax. You can pick it up at the pharmacy' the doctors write on a pieces of paper and hands it to me. I take it and thank him for listening to me. 'Thank you again sir' I say opening the door.

'Just relax for now, it'll get better' he smiles letting me out of the door and accepts a new patient. Harry is sitting on a chair in the waiting room.

I watch him as he scrolls through a magazine, a picture of him is on the cover, he's probably reading about one those stupid rumours about him. He looks up, our eyes meet. A wide smile appears and he stands up.

I walk over to him. He holds up the magazine and a picture of me and him is in it. I'm standing with my violin and he's standing next to me singing into the microphone. The headline reads 'Harry's new crush?' 'That's us..' He looks at the picture a little longer before closing the magazine putting it back, 'To answer the magazines question, yes. They're right'

I'm Harry's crush?

'Are you ready to go?' He asks sweetly finding my hand placing it in his. I nod and follow him. 'We need to go to the pharmacy' I say as we reach the car. He nods and opens the door for me.

He drives us to the pharmacy and I pick up what the doctor has prescribed. I feel tired when I come back to the car and take a nap on the way back to the arena. ‘Reagan? Are you sleeping?’ I feel someone gently shaking me. ‘I’m awake..’ my eyes flutter open, I unbuckle the seatbelt and step out in front of Harry. He leads me back inside the dressing room in the arena where we are met with many worried faces.

‘Reagan! Harry! We were so worried! No one answered their phones, when we came back from lunch you were gone’ Michael approaches us giving me a hug. ‘Don’t worry we’re here now..’ I sneer tiredly plopping down on the sofa next to Zayn. ‘Well we were worried, where were you?’ Zayn comments. He lays a hand on my shoulder giving me a stern look.

I might as well just tell them, it’s gonna come out somehow sooner or later. I take a deep breath and cut of Harry who is about to speak. ‘I got this Harry.. so Harry took me to the doctor because I’m still not feeling well. The doctor told me that I am stressed and in shock so I have to relax and give myself some time. I have a some pills I need to take to help me with it. I hope you understand’

They look at me with sad eyes but they all nod understandingly after a few seconds. I breathe out relieved to find that they are not going to judge me or say something to me about it. ‘I am hungry since I haven’t had lunch and I need to take the pills with food, can Harry and I go out for lunch then?’ I ask them all, mostly Michael since he is practically family.

‘Sure, go and have some food, you are too skinny anyway!’ Michael smiles jokingly hugging me again. ‘Is it okay with you?’ I look at Harry, I sort of just decided we were going for lunch without asking him. He gives me a soft nod and opens the door for me.

‘Where do you want to go?’ He asks, softly touching my arm. ‘I don't know, you choose’ I reply getting into the car. ‘Alright, pizza it is then’ he smiles, starting the car before giving me a quick wink. Of course, Pizza Hut.. I don’t really want that, but I cant argue with him after he drove all the way there.

We get out of the car and enter Pizza Hut. It's quiet today. As I look around, I notice that no one is here. ‘Why is it empty?’ I ask Harry who is standing behind me with a suspicious grin plastered on his face.

We go further in, way in the back a small table is set with candles and a single rose is lying next to the candles. 'What is this?' Without knowing it my mouth turn into a foolish grin. 'This is for you' Harry says pulling out a chair for me.

'But why?' My mind is still confused but slowly I begin to realise what is going on.

'Our first date.' Harry smiles kindly 'When you asked to go to lunch I asked Niall to call here to make the arrangement, so that's why no ones here except the staff.'

A tall man comes out from behind a door, 'Here's your pizza Mr. Styles and Miss James'

'Thank you' I say

The pizza is big and it looks delicious. I haven't had this much of an excitement about pizza in a long time.

It isn't just pizza, it's my first date with Harry. He did all this for me. I never thought any boy would something like this for me. My heart is leaping with joy, I feel an inner relaxation I haven't felt before.

'Thank you Harry' my body is trembling with happiness.

How is this possible? I mean for someone I didn't even like when I first met him, I sure am falling hard for him.

'No need for thanks, you deserve it, besides I think this is a pretty great first date already' Harry leans over the table moving a strand of hair away from my face. I shiver at his touch, it's a good feeling.

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