Stockholm Syndrome

Reagan James is just a normal girl working in Starbucks. She has her own issues, especially regarding to her mother's life. One cold day in December everything changes, she's mistaken for someone else. She's taken away by the ladies man and superstar Harry Styles plus eight other young men and among them is a long lost friend. She knows who Harry is, and all she wants is to get away. What happens when Harry opens up and shows the real Harry Styles? Will she stay or still run away? Hey guys! I'm writing a new movella, hope you'll like it! xx


11. 11

Chapter 11

Reagan's POV:

'New destination Reagan! We are in Scotland!' Michael wakes me up shouting like a mad person with the baddest Scottish accent in the world, jumping on top of me. Right now I wish it was Harry who had woken me up, the way he would when I was in their bus.

'Get off me you ass!' I growl pushing him off of me. He grins widely and rolls down the side of the bed. He sure is in a good mood today.

It's been a few days since the whole thing with my mom. I had a call the other day from my mother's lawyer who told me I couldn't do anything about it and that the only thing I could was just wait until everything was done and pray that my mom would go through court without a life sentence.

Harry and I have been messaging each other since that day. Ive been telling him about the lawyer and how I feel about the situation. We actually haven't talked about the conversation where I said I liked him, but who knows.. We still have time to discuss that.

'Reagan..' Michael appears in front of me, rolling in beside me in my bed. He pushes off the duvet and holds my hand. '-we will get through this okay? And remember tonight you have a concert to perform at!'

'I know Mikey, thanks.. Love you' I give his hand a gentle squeeze playing with his fingers. He is smiling but I can still see some sadness in his eyes.'And I love you sis..' He jumps back out of the bed throwing the duvet back over my face, giggling like a little school girl.

'Michael you're such a dick sometimes!' I yell after him, taking off the duvet, his only response is a fart noise and his middle finger in the air. Real mature Michael Gordon Clifford! Calum walks past me sleepily, he looks annoyed. Michael probably woke him as well. 'Morning.. What's with the finger?'

'Morning Calum.. Michael's just being a dick that's all' I reach out for Calum and pull him closer to me '- did he wake you as well?'

Calum snorts angrily 'Yes, that fucker woke me up in the middle of a perfect dream..' His face is inches from mine, his breathing is heavy and his eyes are almost closed, he's still tired. His eyes are merely just cracks in his squishy face.

'Aww, did Mr. Hood dream about rescuing a princess?' I squash his face between my hands shaking it softly. He pulls aways glaring at me with his cracks, his mouth is in a thin line 'Reagan don't test me this morning, normally I'm quite happy in the mornings but today not so much! Please don't sink to Michael's level..' He sarcastically lets out a laugh walking away from me slowly. Before disappearing behind a door he sticks out his middle finger 'Here's another finger for ya!'

Wow I get all the fingers today, how nice..

'Morning Regs, slept well?' Luke's ruffled morning voice cut through to me. He is standing beside my bed looking at me with a happy face. 'Morning Luke, I slept okay, you?' I face him cuddling up in my duvet. Finally someone who's not annoying or in a grumpy mood. His hand runs over his face and up to his hair messing up slightly. 'Yeah it was alright.. Can I confess something?'

'Yeah sure..'

'I think you're pretty cool Reagan. I can see why Harry likes you so much'

His face is blushing slightly, he looks away awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. He then looks back at me with a wide grin on his face. 'Thanks Lukey.. You're pretty cool yourself!'

'Ha-ha thanks! Well we probably should get done as we have rehearsal and all that before tonight.. But yeah, the guys and I were talking about we all could eat lunch together today after the first few hours of rehearsal..'

'Sounds good!' I throw off the duvet and jump out of the bed. I still have to wear Michael's clothes as I don't have anything yet. Zayn promised me that at our next stop we would go shopping for clothes as we would have a bit of time off, plus he would finally let me meet his girlfriend.

Michael has already put out some clothes for me and I quickly run to the shower and get myself clean. Afterwards I slip on the clothes and braid my hair nicely. I still need mascara, I don't have that either. That is going on my shopping list as well.

'Are we all ready to go?' Ashton smacks his lips leaning against the door as I step out of the bathroom. 'Woah! I guess?' I walk right into him as his warning of being there came little too late. 'Shit are you okay?' I quickly step back giggling. He nods giving me a small punch on my arm. Takes me under the arm and drags me outside where the others are waiting.

My eyes meet Harry's. He's standing there with the biggest grin on his face waving a hand at me. I wave back smiling at him revealing my teeth. 'Hi Regs..' Harry comes towards me embracing me in a tight hug. I hug back taking in his scent. He smells like spicy cinnamon and I like it very much.

'Hi Harry it's nice to see you'

The others look at us weirdly, I turn around 'What? Let's just go inside!' I take Harry's hand and walk inside the arena. His hand feels nice wrapped around mine. I sneak a look at him occasionally, his gorgeous face is one big smile.

'What?' Harry turns his head grinning mysteriously at me. His green eyes are piercing through me. His long brown curly hair falls perfectly down to the side of his face just above the shoulder.

I like his hair like that, it makes him look rather sexy. 'Nothing.. I just like to look at you..' I say not realising what my mouth is blabbing on about. My cheeks become flushed and I shyly look at my feet.

'Oh really, is that so?' An amused tone appears in Harry's voice, he's got a wide smirk plastered on his face. He probably thinks it's funny that I said I like to look at him.

But it's true, though, I mean his face is gorgeous and his hair flawless. Those were things I normally wouldn't notice about him had it been a week ago. When I had hated him for being a jerk, those wonderful features of his face didn't jump out at me. But now.. All I did was study his face, always looking at it from a new perspective.

It sounds so stalker-ish, yeah I like to look at you.. In your sleep! Okay, anyway, since I opened up towards him, I started noticing little things that weren't there before. Like whenever he thought of something his nostrils would flare and his nose would crinkle. Or if something was bothering him he had a tell, he would always walk around and huff like a mad person.

'So what if I do, it's not a big deal..' Crossing my arms I walk in front of Harry who is laughing behind me trying to catch up. His arm wraps around my waist casually as he walks beside me, looking down at me with a cheeky grin.

'Regs! I'm just teasing ya! But I must say, for someone who tries to play hard, you're quite the softie' he plays with a strand of my hair flipping it behind my ear. I feel my heart beating faster. No boy has ever done that before. No boy has ever been so close to me and made me feel like I do now.

The only boy I've ever been really close with is Michael and he is practically my brother so that's different. This feeling I have is new, I haven't had this feeling before. Is this what it feels like to really like someone?

We all make it to the stage. 'This is incredible!' I blurt out observing the scene in front of me. Thousands of seats are placed in front of the stage. I don't know if I will ever get used to something like this.

'Don't you ever get like really nervous performing in front of so many people?' I continue on looking at Harry who's standing upright beside me. He puts a finger to his mouth tapping it lightly 'You know Regs.. I don't think there's a time when I'm not nervous about a performance. It's always exciting, but of course I get nervous. It's just part of what I do, what we all do'

His British accent is so smooth yet rough at the same time. He just has a way of telling things that I kind of like. Whenever he tells a story I get kind of wrapped up in it. 'I need the loo, be right back' That definitely snaps me back to reality even though he manages to make going to the toilet sound like an adventure.

'How's it going Regs?' Zayn's voice appears in my ears. His hand embraces my shoulder as he turns to me with a concerned face. 'It's okay, I'm just still figuring out how to cope with what's happened to my mom'

'Yeah of course that's not easy! Harry told us about what the lawyer has said. I hope the best for your mom Regs! I'll be here for you if you ever need anything'

I give Zayn a side hug burying my head in his shoulder. 'Thanks Zayn. You have always been so kind to me'

'Of course Reagan, you're a nice girl. I've already told Perrie about you and what has happened to your mom, hope you don't mind, we sort of share everything with each other' he look at me with innocent eyes.

I nod 'that's okay Zayn'. 'I can't wait to meet her though, she sounds amazing'

Suddenly I'm not feeling so well. My head starts to spin and hands are getting clammy. 'I just.. Need to sit down..'

Zayn takes me by the waist and leads me to a chair. There's worry written all over his face. As soon as Harry sees me, he speeds over to me. 'Reagan are you okay?' He takes my hand holding tight.

'I'm not feeling so well right now, I don't know what's happening.. Everything is spinning, I'm feeling really hot, I just need a few seconds' trying to breathe properly I manage to stand up, but soon enough I have to sit down again. What's wrong with me? Why am I suddenly feeling so unwell?

'Michael, where's Michael?'

Liam comes running towards me with Michael following close behind. 'Found Mikey' he smiles and squeezes my arm lightly. 'Reagan! Are you alright?' Mikey kneels beside me feeling my forehead.

'You're burning up Reagan! You should go lay down' Michael helps me to stand up. Harry comes to support me. 'I'll take her to the dressing room'

Harry leads me to the dressing room to lie down in the sofa.

Harry's POV:

'Here, lie down on the sofa' I take Reagan's hand as she slowly places herself on the sofa. She begins to shiver, clenching her teeth while lying down.

'You need to relax, I don't think you should do the concert tonight, just stay here', she looks at me like I'm stupid, but then realises that what I said is the right thing she should do.

She simply nods in agreement closing her eyes. 'Thanks Harry'

'Harry, we're all going to go out for lunch now are you coming?' Louis knocks on the door to the dressing room. I look at Reagan and then at Louis, 'No man, I'm going to stay with her'

Louis furrows his eyebrows widening his eyes, 'Oh.. I'll leave you two then..' He whispers slightly as he walks away.

Reagan is so beautiful as she's lying there on the sofa. I remember the conversation we had a few days ago when she confessed to me that she liked me. I'm kind of buzzing about it, it made me feel so happy.

'Harry?' She opens her eyes 'will you lie with me here?'

I nod and place myself beside her holding her in my arms.

Finally a new chapter for you guys! xx

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