Blank Space

I always have this empty space. It's so blank. You're on my mind 24/7 and it hurts me that you barely notice the fact that I try so hard for you. // Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015


9. Space #9

  Lavender dress.  Shoes. Bow. Glasses. But my glasses were black.


  I walked up to the huge house. Extremely nervous. Other girls walked up in similar dresses, so I didn't feel to bad about mine. I opened the door to loud booming music. I looked for you in the crowd of at least five hundred teens already. I sat in the kitchen. Basically a gourmet kitchen. You weren't anywhere to be found.


  "SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN!" People shouted. The worst game for insecure, ugly, nerdy kids. "Hey, you, come in here," some girl grabbed my arm and drug me into the room. She smiled and took off my glasses and shoved them in her pocketbook. Some guys wooed at me. I felt a little awkward. "Mark and this girl!" She shouted. "No, hey look.. I- I don't really-" I began to get shoved by others up the stairs with Mark. I finally saw you. You didn't see me. I frowned. 


  "Come on," he grabbed my arm and dragged me into the room. He grabbed my waist and started kissing down my neck. "Please stop..." I tried to push him off. He denied my push and touched me more. "Stop. Stop please!" He threw me onto the bed and started taking off my dress. "Stop! Please I can't do this!" I pleaded. A bunch of kids started banging up on the door minutes later. I tried to cry help and he covered my mouth and ripped off his shirt and threw me on top of him and held me down."What are you doing?!" "Not trying to be charged for rape," he smirked and pulled my face to his. I struggled. The door flew open. Guys and girls were yelling. "Damn! Who knew this little innocent girl would be such a slut.." He threw me onto the ground, "The hell? Get off of me you nasty bitch." I began to cry. They all laughed at me. You were in the doorway shaking your head.


  I zipped up my dress and grabbed my shoes. I walked down the stairs. Everyone was in the back yard dancing. I wiped my tears and found my glasses and slid them on. "Anna?" You walked into the room. I looked down, "Yes..?" "I know you didn't do anything with Mark. He's known for doing that with girls.. I'm sorry. I just.." "You just what? I was humiliated in front of everyone. I was seen in my underwear, I was seen as some slut. That will never change!" I cried and ran out.


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