Blank Space

I always have this empty space. It's so blank. You're on my mind 24/7 and it hurts me that you barely notice the fact that I try so hard for you. // Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015


6. Space #6

"Hey sweetheart. Sorry I am home so late. I had to fill out paperwork," said my mom. "It's okay..." I looked back at the tv and ate my popcorn. "Honey it's almost midnight. Why are you still up?" "I was waiting for you..." "Oh.." She gave me an "I'm sorry," look and kissed my head, "I think you should go to bed. You have a soccer game in the morning." I half-smiled and went upstairs to my bedroom and changed into my pajamas. I fell asleep with my phone on, still on instagram.




"Shoot! Mom?!!" I screeched slinging off my covers and running downstairs. "Yes, sweetie?" "My game is at 10:00 and it's 9:30! Where's my uniform?!" "Right here," she said pulling it out of the laundry basket next to her. "Thanks mom! Love you!" "I have work today so-" "You can't go, I know, it's totally fine." "Okay! Love you too! Good luck."


I put on my socks and shinguards and uniform and carried my bag and cleats out to the car. "Crap! It's already 9:40!" I slung my stuff onto the passenger side and drove off to the fields.


"I'm finally here!" I said exhaustedly. I put on my equipment and darted to field five. I ran into somebody and fell over, my stuff slinging everywhere. It was you. "Woah! Hey I am so sorry, Anna!" You screeched helping me up to my feet and gathering my stuff. "No, no it's okay!" I laughed and took it from you. "Thank you. Hey, you play soccer?" "Yeah.." "Cool. Hey I came to drop my cousin off for practice. Mind if I watch?" You gave a silly smile. "Not at all," I blushed.








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