Blank Space

I always have this empty space. It's so blank. You're on my mind 24/7 and it hurts me that you barely notice the fact that I try so hard for you. // Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015


10. Space #10

  I cried. All week. Every single day. I was mad at you, but I missed you. I didn't go to school all week. I woke up and it was Friday. The last day of school. I decided to go.


  "Anna?" You walked up to me. "H-hi.." I looked down. "Anna, you know I believe you right?" "Can we not talk about this? I can't do it right now..Okay?" "Okay..I'm sorry I just thought you should know." "I'm sorry," tears rolled down my cheeks.


  "Okay guys so we're not doing activities this time, so you can freely run around and do whatever the heck you want I guess," the principal said.


  I decided to take a walk. I couldn't be around anyone, not even you. "Anna." you came up behind me, "I really am sorry..I have been trying to tell you something." "Then what is it? It seems like nothing since you try to tell me at the worst times!" "I try to at the worst times to possibly make you feel better. I fell so hard for you. I've been in love with you. I'm so sorry, but I love you with all of my heart."


  "I love you too."


 Now my Blank Space is filled. With you..

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