Black Souls

A dark apocalypse drowned Earth down to it's knees. Begging for the God's to shake them and awake them. While some wait for that day, getting swollen by the black smoke, Jackson and his sister Melissa are struggling to keep alive.

Melissa is haunted by the 12 smokes surrounding her with no escape. She can be chased, or chase. Those are her only options.


"Don't be afraid. We'll run away and leave them behind."
"You promise?"
"I pinkie promise."


"You gotta do it. For me."
"I can't."
"Then run. Now."



1. Prolouge

"Wake up Emi, we gotta move it." I felt the cold air being sucked into my pink nose. I only wished to feel the heat from back home, if I could only turn back.

Feel the warmth of the hot chocolate rise onto my pink lips. The soft cotton wrapped around my neck, protecting it from the cold Winter in England.

Looking around my shoulder down to the brown, dead leaves, I found Jackson's thick black coat laying on top of me. Picking myself up from the ground, the coat was warm from my body heat.

"Jackson?" I called out, heading towards an old tree in front of me. Peering around, he was crouched down looking through his backpack.

"Why'd you give me your coat? It's freezing, put it on. Now." I stood looking down him, hanging the coat in my hand. All he had on was a thin, grey sweatshirt.

Standing up, he pulled the coat out of my hands and swung it around his arms. The beautiful sound of leaves rustled as he moved.

"We got 12 miles today. Stopping at London. We'll see what we can find." He walked passed me and picked up my backpack and tossed it over before putting on his own.

"Got it, boss." I said, following his steps and catching up to him.

"We can get there in maybe 3 and a half, or 4 hours. Possibly 4, they'll be some..distractions. So we can't be lingering around." I watched the vapour come out of his mouth as he spoke.

"Hell is it cold." I said, pulling out a tissue from my pocket.

"Nope. It's actually pretty hot in Hell," He said, cocking his head sideways, smiling to himself.

"Oh, ha ha. You visited?" I rolled my eyes, tucking my hands into my pockets to keep them warm.

"Oh, many times. Who'd dathink that Satan likes cups of tea? Uh-cold. Of course." Sarcastically he said and then jumping over the railings and onto the road.

Climbing over myself, I breathed in the air.

"It fucking reeks." Jackson muttered, putting his hands on his hips looking at the road ahead.

"Good thing I have a blocked nose then." I laughed, sticking my tongue out and started walking ahead of him.

"Emi, we'll have to turn this way instead. Something's up ahead, maybe the Black Smoke. Which we don't want to deal with." I paused in my footsteps and turned around to see he hasn't moved an inch.

"What? But this is the way, it's gonna take longer if we take another route." I said, staring at his frozen body.

"Melissa, it's not safe. It doesn't matter if it takes us days, we cannot be dealing with them things." I sighed, knowing that Jackson always knew what was the right thing to do and what was wrong.

Taking small steps I spoke to him.

"We're still alive, God knows how. But we are. If we can escape those things, why can't we esca-"


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