Harry Potter the chosen one-or is he?

Are you used to Harry Potter being the chosen one? What if Voldemort chose Neville instead? This movella is all about if Neville Longbottom,the dunce of the year. He is an orphan in this blog, and Harry knows what it's like to have parents.


3. The letter

" Harry dear, get the post will you?" Lily Potter asked her son.

"Sure!" Harry Potter whistled on his way to the door - then he stopped in his tracks. The top letter was on parchment, and read `To Mr Harry James Potter` in emerald green ink.

Running  back to his mother, he yelled " MUM, MUM ITS HERE!!!"

"Really?" Lily replied, "What does it say?"

"It obviously says  `Dear Mr Harry James Potter, Your father was a great success, so we have decided to invite you to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. We miss him greatly, and would enjoy it if you came and helped fill his absence. Blah, blah blah the end` Obviously." Harry's dad, James Potter, said.

Within an hour, they were shopping in Diagon Alley. Harry only had one thing left to buy - a wand. Excitedly, he charged in to buy one. His father came with him, but his mother went off alone. 

Harry tried lots of wands, but couldn't find a good one. As he was about to give up, he spotted another lying on the floor. Giving it a wave, he knew that it was the right one. James Potter paid for it, then the two went out to meet up with Lily. Whilst he was looking around, a small boy with what looked a giant caught Harry's eye. Who was that? Hearing his mother coming back, Harry turned around. Smiling, she handed her son a cage with a beautiful snowy white owl in. Harry gasped in amazement. It was his!


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