Drummer boy { harry styles a.u }

Who knew a bunch of nerds in marching band can cause so much shit?
Ariana would never see that coming but boy is she in for a big surprise


2. 1.

Ariana's point of view ;

The sent of hair spray and perfume filled into my nostril as I stood in the girls restroom checking my appearance. Today, I was wearing black skater skirt a white crop top and a pair of black cat flats. Honestly cat flats are amazing! The school it's self is big. My schedule in hand let's do this.

"Grande Ariana grande" I whispered those things to myself as many people stopped and stare at me. Great, the new kid gets so much attention. Not being phased by this I looked down at my schedule and noticed I have marching band first

Great, please not my sarcasm. The only reason I picked that was because it was considered p.e credit, stupid ass Sophomore me. As I approached the room the sound of drums filled my ears. "Move it Jackson " a girl with long dreads shouted to a boy holding a bass drum. "Shut up Jaz take a hike and grab your shit" he back fired. "Who's the girl" another boy with honey brown eyes asked. "What?" They both shouted in unison.

" oh, sorry I didn't mean to interrupt anything. I'm Ariana" the boy with honey brown eyes replied " the names Andrew, welcome to marching band ". He moved aside so I can see the room better it was actually quiet big. "Oy, I'm Niall your drum major. What instrument do you play?" a cute blonde said. " ummm I play mallet percussion ". "Ah your one of pit I see" he smiled at me. "Yep" I said popping the p

Quick note ; to anyone who don't know mallet percussion is like xylophone. In this story Ariana will play the vibraphone which is honestly just a xylophone that vibrates and it has a petal

" hi ! I'm Cynthia nice to meet you" a girl with short hair smiled at me to enthusiastically. " Ariana, what do you play" honestly it was an honest question she wasn't dressed for the fields "I'm one of you, I play the marimba" she replied sitting on the stool in front of us. I mean, this doesn't seem hard at all she's nice everyone looks almost in their own world. I twirled around to ask about music that I missed. Only to bump into someone

Harry's point of view :

"Watch where your going freshman" I barked at the unknown figure. "Why are you dressed in a skirt are you trying to attract mud kid". Sometimes I think that's freshman's get dumber and dumber. "One, I'm not a freshman I'm a sophomore I'm just new. Two I'm mallet percussion no need to be outside with the rest of the swarm sorry". What a bitch. "Look here who ever you think you are. Your on mallets you say, that's part of my section and you will show your drum captain respect understood" anger filled in my voice at the unknown figure.

"I'd rather chock on my mallets then to show respect to someone as rude and low life like you." The witch replied. Just as I was about to fire back at her the bell rang. What a lucky little bitch.

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