Cassie Porter is having a huge problem with a bully, Megan Peterson. The girl is doing bad things, and then blaming Cassie for them. But it really gets out of control when Megan cyberbullies using the name of Cassandra Porter! She even used her picture. Can Cassie make her principal believe her over the straight-A student who is always perfect? Or will she get expelled for doing nothing wrong?


1. The Principal's Office

  "Cassandra Porter, please report to the principal's office."  It was a voice over the intercom.  "Oooohhh," exclaimed the boys in the class.  I stood up, blushing, and made my way to the door.  Sometimes the kids could get annoying.  They could have called me down to the office to pick up a bus pass or something.  Besides, I couldn't remember one thing I had done in the past year that I would need to go to the principal for.  I trotted down the steps and walked toward the pillars by the entrance to the building.  I went to the door labeled PRINCIPAL.  I placed my hand on the brass knob and turned it, not knowing what to expect when I entered the room.

   "Come on in Cassandra," said Mr. Bain, the leader of our school.

  I stepped inside.  I saw a large desk with a lot of papers on it.  There was a chair facing him on the other side of the desk. 

   "Sit down."

  I obeyed.  The chair was hard.  Very.  Mr. Bain's chair was a memory foam seat with extra padding.  It could go up and down as he pleased.  Then the principal started talking.

   "I am sure you know why you are here," he started.  "And I am very disappointed in you."

   "Wait, what?  I don't have a clue why I am here," I said, confused.

   "Don't play games with me young lady.  You know what you did," he sternly replied.

   I could get defensive quickly. 

   "I swear, I am not playing games.  Please tell me what I did.  I couldn't tell you!  I have no idea!" I protested. 

   "You could tell me if you wanted to.  Now, you should know that lying only makes things worse and-"

   "But I am not lying, please believe me!  I know it is wrong to lie, I know!" I cried.  I was telling the truth; I had not the slightest idea.

   "Are you sure that is your answer?" he asked.


   He sighed, and getting up he said, "Well there is only one thing left to do.  Call your parents."

   "Wait Mr. Bain, please!  Don't!" I exclaimed, about to cry.

   "Fine," he said.

   "Thank you!" I said, standing up.

   "You'll just have to sit here until you are ready to tell me what you did."


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