Cassie Porter is having a huge problem with a bully, Megan Peterson. The girl is doing bad things, and then blaming Cassie for them. But it really gets out of control when Megan cyberbullies using the name of Cassandra Porter! She even used her picture. Can Cassie make her principal believe her over the straight-A student who is always perfect? Or will she get expelled for doing nothing wrong?


2. Big Trouble

   What?  He was going to make me sit there and think about something that I didn't know about?  That's crazy!  How would I convince him that I was telling the truth?

   He walked out of the room swiftly and shut the door.  But a few seconds later he was back.

   "I can't trust you alone in my office after what happened.  Go sit on the bench," he commanded, pointing to its location outside the room.

   I sighed silently and did as I was told.  I didn't protest.

   "Now I want you to keep your bottom on that seat until you can tell me what happened.  If you can't in under an hour, I am calling your mom and dad,"  he told me.

   When he had walked away, I mumbled, "This is so unfair."

   I sat there searching my memory for anything in the past month that was as serious as he was making it sound.  After fifteen minutes, nothing.  Twenty minutes, nothing.  Forty minutes, not a thing.  After an hour, I still had not the slightest idea what could have possibly been a bad thing that I had done recently.  Just as I was about to brainstorm some more, Mr. Bain came walking up to me. 

   "Have you come up with anything?" he asked.

   "Not a thing," I replied.

   The principal threw his hands up in the air.

   "Cassandra, I could not be more disappointed in you!  I now have no choice but to call your parents," he yelled.

   I hung my head.  Did I have short-term memory loss or something? 

   "Stay here," he said.

   He walked over to the phone and dialed my home number.  After a few moments he said hello and told whichever parent everything.  They asked him to tell me what had happened and told him that they would take care of it when I got home.  When the conversation was over, he walked to the bench I was sitting on and motioned for me to follow him back into his office.  I once again sat on the hard chair and he got into the luxurious seat. 

   He began, "Cassandra, your parents told me to tell you what you did, so that is what I am doing right now.  It wasn't as big of a deal before, though I am not saying it wasn't very wrong what you did, but pretending not to know made it a bigger thing. You and I both know that you put a very mean note in Lily Darson's locker.  I do not know how you got in there, when it has a combination!  But somehow you did it, and it was the wrong thing to do."

   I was open-mouthed the whole time.  I had never done that!

   "Mr. Bain, that never happened!  You've caught the wrong kid!  I didn't even know about that incident until now!"

   "We have the proof," he replied slyly.

   "What proof!"

   "Did you know that Megan Peterson's father is a fingerprint specialist?  You see, we have every student's print in our files, right in that drawer over there.  Little Megan came to my office after hearing about this, and she brought her dad with her.  He told me he would be happy to help.  Of course, I let him run the test, and he proved that the fingerprint left on the note was yours.  Lily had brought the message down to the office beforehand,"  he informed me, with the most evil smirk on his face.

   I was speechless. 

   He continued, "So with this proof, I came up with your punishment.  You have after-school detention every day this week starting today, which is Monday, and, because you lied, have an extra week eating lunch and spending your recess time with me in my office."

   "But, but-"

   "No more protests Cassandra.  Go back to your class.  I believe you are in...English right now?  Well go along then.  I will inform your parents that you will be staying for an hour this afternoon, and for the rest of the week.  See you after school!" he said with the most cruel cheerfulness. 

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