Cassie Porter is having a huge problem with a bully, Megan Peterson. The girl is doing bad things, and then blaming Cassie for them. But it really gets out of control when Megan cyberbullies using the name of Cassandra Porter! She even used her picture. Can Cassie make her principal believe her over the straight-A student who is always perfect? Or will she get expelled for doing nothing wrong?


3. After-school Torture

   "Seriously?  What is that man thinking?" my friend Katie asked, outraged. 

   "Oh my God, the girl is half way to tears!  Can you not see she is innocent?" cried my other friend Ella in disgust. 

  They were both dumfounded at what had happened in the office.  I had told them everything. 

   "I know, it's just awful.  How can you just believe someone else when I am sitting there telling him I didn't do it?  It is totally not fair," I replied sadly.

   "What I would like to know is why Megan Peterson's dad said the fingerprint was yours!  If it was just on accident, he is obviously not the fingerprint specialist he claims to be," said Ella.

   "Well, there has always been something strange about that Megan girl..." muttered Katie.

   "Yeah, I have never liked her," replied Ella.

   "I just don't know how I am going to convince my parents I didn't do anything wrong," I sighed.

   "Just try to stick it out the next two weeks and it will all be over," said Ella.

   "No, don't let it go.  Fight for what is right!" cheered Katie.

   "But Katie, we don't want Cassie to get in anymore trouble with Mr. Bain, now do we?" Ella responded.

 They disagreed a lot.

   "She should show that man what is right!"

   "She should try to let it go..."

   "Fight till the end!"

   "Let it go!"

   "Fight till the end!"

   "GUYS!!!   Let's just see what happens this afternoon and go from there!"  I exclaimed, cutting off their little battle.




   "Hello Cassandra."

  It was Mr. Bain.  I had just stepped into his office, bracing myself for whatever he had planned for me to do.  I had obeyed his orders and had come down at the end of the school day.

   "Today I am in a good mood, so I have decided to go easy on you.  All you have to is sit here for an hour until your mom comes to pick you up," he explained, acting as if only making me keep my bottom in a chair for a whole hour made him a saint or something.

   "Gee thanks," I mumbled.

   "What was that?"

   "Oh nothing," I quickly replied, wincing at my mistake.

   "That's what I thought," he said, turning around and walking towards his desk.

  He sat down in his annoyingly comfy chair and started to do some paperwork.  I took my seat and got ready for an hour of boringness.  If this was a nice thing for him to do, what did he have in store for me in the week ahead?

  After what seemed like an eternity, there was a knock at the door and my mom came in.  She didn't look at me.  It was a really awkward moment.  I followed her back out the door and out of the building.  We got in the car in silence.  We had driven about three miles when she finally spoke.

   "I don't understand Cassandra.  I don't understand how you of all people could ruin someone's day as much as you did to poor Lily Darson.  I am, I am just so disappointed with you right now.  I'm simply stunned," she said.

   "Mom, I-"

   "No.  No more excuses, no more lies, no more anything," she interrupted.

 I felt horrible.  What a mess, when I didn't do anything!  I just sat there quietly the rest of the ride home.  As soon as we arrived in our garage, I jumped out and ran up to my room.  I heard my mom talking to my dad about it all.  I slowly did my homework, trying to take my mind off of everything that had happened.  When I finished, I yelled down to my parents to tell them I wasn't hungry for dinner.  No reply.  I got ready for bed because I was so worn out.  After I had brushed my teeth and gotten into my pajamas, I settled into bed and fell right to sleep.



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