Crazy Christmastime


Another Christmas for the Newton family, what could go wrong? You have no idea. This family has something special about them that they just cannot figure out. It is the ability to ruin almost any holiday that the world could throw at them. In the end, they just have to laugh it off and dread next year. What will happen during the year of 2014? Read to find out.


3. Kitchen Catastrophes

Not only is Sean just untalented in the kitchen, but he is untalented at just about everything else...  Especially math, which comes in handy for ratios, substitutions, and measurements in both baking and cooking, especially when sticking to a certain diet.  

The recipe Grandma Gee-Gee brought was a super complicated lemon-berry twist cake (I still, to this day, have no idea what that cake was, she wouldn't let me try any) that we had almost no ingredients for.  I volunteered to run to the grocer with Grandma so that mom could have some time alone to be prepared, which was nice because Sean and Tom decided to tag along to make sure we didn't get off track.

Mike was still asleep.  Hopefully it stayed that way.

In the store it was actually Sean and Tom who got sidetracked, which came as no surprise to me and Grandma Gee-Gee.  While the men were in the beer aisle (that's right, the beer aisle) grandma and I got straight to work filling the cart according to all the recipes she had arrived with.  We may have looked like deranged last minute planners, but we did not care, we just wanted to get out of the aisles, which were getting smaller each and every minute we stayed in that dreadful store.  

Once grandma and I finished, I waited in the line while Gee-Gee went off to find two of her three husbands, which were in a distant land called Beerlandia.  Upon her return, more items, which were not necessary this Christmas due to my father's previous shopping, which I was also present for.  Apparently no one thought to check our fridge before going on our errand.  The total was completely outrageous because grandma insisted on purchasing all we need and more, and I have no idea why.  Thankfully, Gee-Gee covered the total (with Mike's credit card, that is how my family works) so my family spared no cost towards my grandmothers spontaneous outburst.



After we all arrived at home and started unloading the groceries into the house, I realized that Jonathon and his family had arrived, which made me excited.  He has always been my beautifully overprotective older brother that every girl dreams of having.  Jonathon is less like my brother and more like my best friend that is also my guardian angel at the same exact time.  

The first thing he did, after saying hello of course, was go out to the car to help bring in groceries because he knows exactly how I feel about Grandma Gee-Gee and her obsessiveness over every.  Little.  Detail.

Once we were finished with the groceries I went to the kitchen to check on my mom, and the cookies were all cooked, and they smelled so delicious.  She had just put the ham into the oven to be cooked and was already mashing potatoes, with a little help from Mike, but as soon as Gee-Gee entered, all three of them went upstairs.

"Mike mashed his finger by accident while trying to help me mash potatoes, sweet guy." my mom told us.

"Oh my gosh!  No way!  That is hilarious," I giggled the words out, "Hey where is Cynthia and the kids?"

"They went to go pick up the cake, something to get them out of the house." Jonathon replied.

I am an extremely adoring person (as in I adore every little thing), "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW HOW SWEET!!!!!!!!" I exclaimed.

"Could you stop freaking out and start making your grandmother's cake and cookies!  You to Jonathon!" my mother shouted playfully.  I giggled and started getting to work.


Twenty minutes into making the cake, Jonathon had already made a giant batter mess all over himself, the counter, and even the wall!  He also forgot to put an apron on himself...... So yeah.

This is just the beginning of a long and catastrophic day, hopefully Cynthia doesn't let Katherine and Jack ruin the previously ordered 3-tier Christmas cake...







BUT I GOT LIVESOS FROM MY SECRET SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY THE BREAK!!!!!!!!!!



Comment if you are sad that you won't be able to go to school for like ever (I know that it is only two weeks but seriously I LOVE SCHOOL)








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