Crazy Christmastime


Another Christmas for the Newton family, what could go wrong? You have no idea. This family has something special about them that they just cannot figure out. It is the ability to ruin almost any holiday that the world could throw at them. In the end, they just have to laugh it off and dread next year. What will happen during the year of 2014? Read to find out.


1. History Returning

Every year Christmas has ended in something crazy.


Like Grandma getting stuck tangled in the tree.  This has happened about four or five times.

The Newtons cannot seem to avoid some hilarious but catastrophic event.  In most cases it would be events.


Every Christmas my ALL of my family comes from everywhere.  My three Grandpas (Grandma Gee-Gee is straight up pimping), my two Grandmas (one for each of my parents), my 10 cousins (from both sides), my two aunts, my two uncles, my siblings, my parents, and my older siblings's families also come.  

You can probably see how chaotic my house gets around Christmastime and yes, all these people only come to my house.  Never anywhere else.

My Grandma Gee-Gee has three husbands and my Granny Lila's only husband passed away a couple years ago, and her way of mourning was doing everything Gramps used to tell her not to do to because it would be health risks.  None of us know how long old Lila's gonna last without her prudent husband.


The names of my cousins are: Orelle, Diana, Georgia, Rose, Tommy, Riker, and Carson (belong to Aunt Janie and Uncle George) and then there is Chico, Rico Junior, Shaniqua, and Lara (belong to Auntie Stacy and Uncle Rico Senior).  It is very hard to keep track of all of them so I just call them dude all the time.  They still respond the same.  


Grandma Gee-Gee's three husbands do not really play a role in all the family celebration, only making it worse.  They do not like to help with baking, it seems that they only want to be around Grandma all the time and they fight to see who gets her first.  'My little servants' she likes to call them because if she asks them to help, then they will help, but if anyone else asks they are all like "LUCY HALE NO" which makes us laugh because that is an inside joke in the family.


I am Kristy, 15 years old, with my older brother, Jonathon, with his wife, Cynthia, and their two children Jack and Katherine, and my older sister, Joanna (Jo for short) with her British husband named Harry, and their child named Luke.  My father, Devin, and my mother, Lillian, are happily married so much so that they invite all the people aforementioned to our house every year to eat a Christmas Eve dinner and open gifts by a tree, all to just have them go home after some preposterous disaster has occurred in our household.



So this is my big family and stressful life.





I hope you like this story, and not only is it for the Christmas competition, but it is for your own enjoyment, and if everyone likes it, I might make it a series that I do one of every year or something!!!!!!


But yeah!  Stay healthy 




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