Crazy Christmastime


Another Christmas for the Newton family, what could go wrong? You have no idea. This family has something special about them that they just cannot figure out. It is the ability to ruin almost any holiday that the world could throw at them. In the end, they just have to laugh it off and dread next year. What will happen during the year of 2014? Read to find out.


2. Arrivals

The first to arrive every single year is Grandma Gee-Gee and her three husbands.  They love extra Gee-Gee time.  I am not sure how much more her frail body can handle.


Like Geese!  Three whole men, one old woman.

She's a trooper.

Since every year they are always the first to arrive, they have gotten used to just letting themselves in because me and my parents are always busy in the kitchen preparing for the evenings feast.  Also known as Christmas Eve dinner.


Does Grandma offer to help?  Nope.  Too tired from the long car ride with many hotel stops.  They live in Southern Florida and we live in Southern California and they always insist on driving.

You may be thinking about how I live in California, so we do not get snow that much.  It has been a whole decade I think.  But yeah.  I have lived here my whole life and rarely get to visit places with snow because my mom absolutely hates the snow and loves the heat.

Sometimes my mom says that I cannot possibly be her daughter because I do not like to go to the beach.  It's just that the sand gets everywhere and if you only go with family, chances are they don't want to do the same exact things as you.  For example, I love to go deep into the water and surf/boogieboard back to shore on a nice wave, but no one, and I mean NO ONE, likes to do that with me.  In order for me to want to go to the beach, you have to bribe me by saying that I can invite one of my friends.


And that rarely happens.



After the entire house is cleaned top to bottom and the guest rooms, and old sibling bedrooms, are properly prepared, my mother and I start on what we did not finish the day before.  We still had to cook the ham, make the mashed potatoes, make the cookies for everyone and Santa, choose the games for the night, and pick up the cake.  There was a little more we didn't finish, but mom did that before I woke up this morning and after I went to bed last night.  

Grandma Gee-Gee walked in as we were putting the cookie sheets containing perfectly shaped cookie dough balls into the perfectly clean oven, accompanied by Tom, her favorite husband (shhhhh.... the others don't know).


"I am here to announce that I am now gluten-free and I have brought my own bread, own stuffing, a recipe for a cake, and a recipe for some cookies that follow the gluten-free diet.  Tom has agreed to help, Sean might to but Mike is too tired.  He was the one who had to drive." Gee-Gee announced right as she made it to the door.

Mom and I sighed to ourselves.

Of course.  Grandma Gee-Gee is the only person to arrive to a person's house ON CHRISTMAS EVE and demand new requirements be met to satisfy herself for Christmas Eve.  Also, Tom was going to help.  Tom was not a good cook last year, and this year will most likely be no different.

Sean on the other hand, he just seemed to not care about helping.  He was so lackadaisical about everything except Grandma.  That was one of the only times he would show great enthusiasm.  The rest of the time it is fake.




It's going to be a long day...






Thanks for reading!!!!


Okay, so I seem to go into a phase when school starts to not update my stories.  But now, I am going to try harder.















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