The Avox Speaks HG entry

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.



6. chapter 6

The night was not kind to me when it came to sleeping since the short conversation was still replaying in my mind but in different formats to where it was mutilating me into thinking that we are in more trouble than what we might be in.  I flipped over to where I was looking over Catre’s shoulder to the brightened moon that is shining through the window and I was wondering if anyone still knows that we are here after we had been captured or what Mistress meant about some of the rules since she had given us so many things and kindness that most people would dodge the ground that we just stepped away from.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I quickly got up and slipped on my shoes while making sure that I grab my notebook with pencil. I put my hair up so I wouldn’t be tempted to mess with it.

I looked back to make sure that Catre was still asleep before I went into the hallway. The moonlight and the old style of the building were glimmering in a quiet beauty while I quietly tiptoed down the hall. I heard my heart thump in my chest as my breathing became shallow and deep. I told myself that I shouldn’t be scared since I had snuck around a high stake aria before but this isn’t like those times so I shouldn’t be this nervous at all.

I started to forget the old times while I started to bump into tables and make items wobble that I knew would fall at any moment. I could barely see my target one door after this one and I slowly took a deep breath and quickly made my way into Mistress’s room.

The darkened room had a grand feel that she was one with her Avoxes but still elegant to where it is obviously the owner’s room. I could see the old world touches in the curtains and bed. The white and blue reminded me of the sky as the rug was place perfectly in the middle while a chest was at the end of her bed.

I knew where my target is while I quickly checked my surroundings and went in. I started to walk cautiously thinking that if she makes one misstep then I would be caught then shipped back to Sorrow. I took my first step to hear the old floor squeak loudly, alarming anyone that in in the aria that I was there. I held my breath for a moment while my heart stopped as I waited for Mistress to find me without permission.  Soon I figured that I could move on as more sounds of the floor alarmed that I was there. I could feel myself being covered with icky sweet that started to gather in my clothing while I hit the side of the bed with my shin that I had forgotten was only a few steps  until I managed to get to the chest.

Pain quickly shot though me as I hit the bed. I felt the few tears come to my eyes as I tried not to shriek without a good reason to why I am in there without spilling the truth that I am snooping around for a way to get to know Mistress. I hear a small cry come out of my mouth after I covered it. I hoped that nobody heard me while, once again, the nervousness had be overshadowing my judgment however I pushed on knowing that this might be my last chance since the bedspread looks like Mistress hadn’t been in bed at all.

I got to the front of the chest and I thought that I would throw up right then because of how I had been thinking but I grabbed the edges of the box then I stopped and set my hands back at my side. “Do I really want to do this?” Crossed my mind and I started to open the chest since it wasn’t locked at all. The thought of seeing something of Mistress’s past made me think that I was getting into something that I shouldn’t be. I quietly opened the wooden box and started to feel around the chest for anything other than clothing or bedding in this storage box.

Suddenly I heard the creek of the floor as I was head deep in the chest to see Mag coming into the room. Her facial expression looked like she was in shock that she had found me in there as I was with her. I thought that I had just died in that place as I could see with the glow of the little light that Mag carried with her that she was surprise to find me in this state.

“What are you doing here?”  Mag wrote in huge letters confirming my belief as I sadly grabbed my book and slowly started to write down my answer as I figured that I might as well be honest than lie. Although, I didn’t say everything that I was doing there.

“Trying to get to know Mistress more.” I wrote and she looked like I had angered her as she wrote down what she was thinking.

“By going through her things instead of talking to one of us?” She said without realizing that I was searching for what I told her AND what happened between her and Mr. Sorrow. I looked down to the chest thinking that I was doing the wrong thing. I think that Mag was right on the statement that she had written to me as I shrugged my shoulders as an answer.

She quietly let out a slow breath and waived me on to fallow her. The light from earlier was not existing while I held Mag’s hand. She took me through every corner of the house and stopped at the very back of the house and opened the door to reveal a chill that made the night air crisp and says that a storm is coming. She used her light to show me that I was wrong the outside was a small tunnel and set of steps that surprised me. The makeshift steps were small enough to where a sick or elderly person, or Avox, could go down these steps easily so that if they need to they can get help. I can realize the pride that all of Mistress’s Avoxes respect and lay down her life for her.

Mag went down the steps and I went down after her wondering why she hadn’t shown me this beforehand and once we got down there I could see why I never knew this never existed.

There was a long stain of lights that went in the halls of this hidden place. The cave like walls made it look depressing but they were painted to where the aria was more welcoming.  I could see the little rooms in the hall. My eyes were everywhere in this wing thinking that it is amazing by the way this is used as a partial medical field. I was amazed at the functionality of a clinic that is all around me while I took my first steps in this wonderful healing sanctuary.

The dirt crumbled beneath my feet to where I was happy that there were many footsteps in the dirt that spoke to me greatly. The fact that this place is full of kindness brought me to happy tears thinking that I never in my LIFE will see this ever again or ever heard of.

I started to glance back into the rooms and see the Avoxes that are in beds with blankets with someone with them observing them if anything goes wrong. There was also a section where older Avoxes could have their privacy if they wanted it, making it extremely nice for them.

 Then I spot what I wanted to spot all along, Mistress placing a towel on the person’s face and neck. I watched her there as I thought that owners never cared but this one will do anything for her servants.

“Why dose Mistress do this? Show her kindness to every single Avox that comes in her household instead of being like everyone else?” I wrote in my book as I could feel my mind start to race of things that she could do to us that she does not from the things that she did do because everything that I had seen dose not add up at all to this.

“She had seen the worst that these Avoxes go through.” Mag wrote as her answer but that brought me to another question that I could sum up with one word.

“How?” I wrote in my notebook with a facial expression of surprise with a touch of wonder.

“I rather not say.” The most depressing four words that anyone had ever used as an answer and it had to be from my teacher of trade.

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