The Avox Speaks HG entry

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.



5. chapter 5

Afterwards, Mistress left me alone and asked me to stay in my room for dinner and I wanted to glimmer in the fact that I just got a small piece of freedom and my old life back so I didn’t give her grief or retaliation. The night was full of Catre and me writing to each other and having a few laughs in the proses.

That morning it was my first day officially working for the mistress. Mag was paired up with me as she explained what we were doing, washing dishes. I helped with the task by putting them away while she washes them. The chores were simple but there was a lot to wash and put away that it took us a while before Mistress called her to the next room to be assigned to darn socks for some of the Avoxes and to be sold to the aria as imports.

 I stacked the last of my dishes and moved a bag of flower in front so I know that I need to not only put away the few dishes that I had in a pile but the flower as well. I grabbed a broom and started sweeping the aria. As I swept the kitchen I started to silently hum a song that I still remember from the district and brought me back to my old home.

The notes and words poured from my mind and in the air around me to lift me into a joyful bliss that I miss dearly. As I sung and pretended that I was back home I started to dance around with my work and then I spun around in a very happy place in my mind instead of whom I am. My feet started to have a mind of their own as I stepped this way and then that way in step with my tune. I could start seeing my family and band of friends dancing in one of our poor parties that I throw after a victory for getting back at the capital.

The jubilant cleaning was interrupted and brought me back to reality by the sudden clash of dishes by me. The shattering of every single plate on the floor was a dream of mine being crumbled into nothing left but what I am today.

I glowered over to the crash just in time for a fresh bag of flower fall over and onto the floor. The impact was such that it puffed up the white powder as if it was ash with degree from an explosion. The white mess conquered my new outfit accompanied with, what seemed like, every inch of the beautify wooden brown cabinets was covered with that wonderland white. 

I start to panic a little thinking if mistress sees this than it would be the Perfection house for me. I hear a chuckle as I quickly started to clean and it puzzled me because it was a clear chuckle that I had never heard in a long time. I fallowed the laugh to find Catre standing in the doorway. I swiftly reached for my notebook and wrote with a very unsteady hand:  “How much did you see?”

She quietly and slowly wrote her answer like I was waiting on a thick cup of syrup come out of a small hole. “All of it.” Was her response and I could feel my face get red and blush thinking that no one was supposed to see that.  She quietly nodded and placed her hand against her lips as if to keep me quiet or tell me that she would keep this incident quiet for me. Then she went to the drawer where the blue cleaning towels were and tossed me one that fell straight onto the floor below. She rolled her eyes while I bent over to pick it up and knew that she was telling me to clean this mess with her.

We worked together on scrubbing every nook and cranny while gathering every bit of china that shattered against the floor. The shards of china wasn’t the issue but getting the suborn flower off of every nook and cranny wherever we say white.  The flower had gotten itself into some tight spots to where we had to get very creative in order to get some the flower. For example we had to slam our towels in the joints and pull the towels out to see that it is spotless. Bad news was that every single time that we thought we were done Catre and I would find another spot that needed to be cleaned somehow, somewhere.

Soon we finished up the place and I stood from my last spot of flower that we found to comprehend that Catre had left the room. She didn’t even write a small goodbye to let me thank her for helping me up with my minor mishap.

Sadly, I didn’t get a long time to think of a possible exclamation for her action because Mistress came in shortly after and scanned the room for anything else that needed to be done there. Her facial expression was one that a person would get if they just got the greatest surprise that she had ever gotten since her eyes got wide and her jaw dropped to almost hitting the floor.  Mistress wore blue pants and a plain shirt as if she was a regular person instead of a citizen of the Capital. 

“The room looks spick and span Zava. You are a fast worker.” Mistress chimed.  I wanted to write that Catre helped with the task and that I destroyed some of the dishes earlier with a bag of flower but I went against it while I watched Mistress walk away to answer the door.

I could hear a car being turned off outside and I went to the window to see Mr. Sorrow come up the walk and I opened the kitchen window just enough that way I can hear what the conversation is about.

“What are you doing here Sorrow?” Mistress hissed and he calmly took off his peacekeeper helmet Reveling his face to where I could tell this conversation was about to go south quickly if Mistress isn’t careful.

“To see if Zava is doing nicely in her new household.” He chimed and Mistress marched to the end of the porch while crossing her arms.

“She is doing quite well officer, one of the easiest transfers that I have done in a long time.” Mistress chimed and Mr. Sorrow tried to cross her path.

“Well I am going to have to see for myself Nacy.  If you please move in the name of the capital….” He chimed and Mistress cut him off.

“She had done nothing to hinder me or threat me in any sort of way like you have mentioned. Now please leave before I send some of my Avoxes to escort you out to your vehicle.” She chimed and I could see that Mr. Sorrow was giving her the look of evil that I know well as a way to just let him have his way.

“It is mandatory to have a random check since I think I had seen something that you know is looked upon as practice of being a traitor.” He hissed and I was fighting the urge to attack him right then but that would let him win but I like this Mistress instead of going back to the Perfection grounds.

“I don’t remember seeing that or hearing anything about that Sir and I will make this your final warning. Please LEAVE.” Mistress hissed as she nodded in front of her to reveal to Mr. Sorrow that most of her outside workers and some inside ones gathered to defend their owner if she is threatened by him.

“Very well, but I know that Zava is no good and you are hiding something Nacy so watch what you do because there are eyes everywhere. Besides you used to like me!” He snickered before he climbed into his car and slowly backed away.  Just before he did he tossed something in her yard and drove off at the fastest speed that his car could go, leaving a dust cloud in its wake.

“What was that about?” I asked myself as I came up with nothing other than the resin that he would want me was for the normal ruse. However, Nacy likening Sorrow did not add up at all. There are protocols for having Avoxes so if this check was to see if she was a traitor to the capital had failed on his part but did it since he got a good look at the individuality of each Avox that is within this plantation might give him a way into making Mistress like us or killing her in general in front of everyone.

I slammed the window closed and locked it thinking that I might had just killed the best person I know but I need to learn more of her to answer some of these questions that are swarming around in my skull.

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