The Avox Speaks HG entry

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.



25. chapter 25

The darkness covered us for several days while our meals was just rice and nothing more while we wondered the training of how to clean while balancing a wine glass or full bottle in our palms. However, if we dropped the glass or anything we would be whipped and sent to have, in attempt, our brains whipped clean of everything that we were thinking. All of that I could think of was that Catre has to be frightened completely that we are in this place. I looked outside and in the sunlight of a few days passed I see Catre looking in every window and I waved my hand trying to reach out to her.

“Mistress.” I whispered as she rushed up to the window with me. She looked like she didn’t sleep at all the few nights we were separated. Catre’s hair was matted and tangled to where it was going to take hours for her to make it turn back straight while there were heavy bags that hung from her eyelids as she was as white as an Avox would be just when he or she would be when they come out of transformation.

“I thought you both would be dead!” She squealed and I quickly tried to put my hands over her mouth to remind her to keep quiet.

“I know. We will ge ou.”  I reinsured her while Mistress was dead silent with Catre here staring at us.

“How? You can’t just leave!” Catre huffed and I could see the woods and it gave me a grand idea as it was green like the want of money would be for Sorrow if I can just get out of here and get back to the Plantation.

“Buy us both of us.” I chimed and Mistress shook her head.

“There is better.” She said and she went up to the door. I wondered what she was doing as she reached her hand out and flagged a peacekeeper down. “Hey boy,” she chimed and I knew that she was trying to subdue the peacekeeper in taking her outside or at least somewhere that I might get lucky and get us something that we all can disguise ourselves as.

“Yes Mam?” The peacekeeper chimed and Mistress turned on the charm. By letting her eyes do the talking for her.

“I can see that you are much stained for a person that has to keep us lowlifes in check. However your partners forgotten that we Avoxes cannot look like people that had just came from the streets. We have to be in our prime no matter what age we are that way we can sell at the highest price possible.” Mistress explained and I was confused on what was she going for and apparently, so was the peacekeeper.

“Your point mam?” He chimed and she smiled, showing her very white and perfect smile that would charm any man.

“I am famished and I would like to the food trough for a meal.”  The peacekeeper looked at her in a sideways glance but then he looked around to possibly see if there wasn’t anyone around before opening the door to let Mistress out.

“We will need to be quick.” He said and I saw what she was doing as I walked deeper into the darkness as if there was no one there with Mistress.  She was trying to sacrifice herself while I escape to the outside world.

“Do you know where your cellmate got to?” HE asked her and she smiled widely while shrugging her shoulders. I came out from out of the darkness and saw that his pistol was still in the holster which was a big mistake for him as I crept up behind him. I start to slowly reach out for the gun but instead I went for his neck as I quietly chopped the back of his neck to where he fell flat onto the ground with a thud. I quickly striped his helmet off of him and placed it on my head and I realized that these peacekeepers are just like the Avoxes.

They are just surviving as much as we are in this horrid place. Every second has to be strategized to perfection to where if something goes wrong they have something to fall back on. I can see that I had just might had killed a man and all honesty; I don’t mind it as I grabbed more of his stuff off of his body. I got myself down to the clothing and I looked at Mistress to see the fear in her eyes.

“umimes we ave oo be ike his.” I chimed and she nodded as a tear streamed down her face.  I moved my gaze down to the helmet to thin that there is only one of us that can become the peacekeeper and the other has to stay.  “ere you be a peakeeper.” I said and tried to give her the helmet but she tossed it back to me.

“I will be fine go.” I hear her say and I striped off of the jacket to only hear him grumble as if he was going to wake. I quickly finished what I was doing and hugged Mistress hoping that I will be back soon or at least have some sort of proof that she shouldn’t be sold.

I walk along the place and hear something on my way out. Mr. Sorrow was in his office and talking to someone on the phone. He didn’t have his helmet on or his usual uniform while he spoke and the conversation sounded like it was starting to get a bit heated.

“Yes sir, we will get Zava taken care of as soon as possible.” I hear and I quietly crept into the room behind one of the strapped chairs that was nearby the door while there was a pause and I could hear more. “And her what? Oh Mistress, well, I was thinking of selling her as an Avox. I would make sure that will happen promptly. “ He chimed and I started to gag a little thinking that Mistress would be like me but the sounds on the other end was that of otherwise. “Are you sure sir? She had disgraced our people promptly. I know you are very busy with something else like you always are, but this Zava and her mistress is something that I know you and I are on the same page on getting rid of once and for all!” Mr. Sorrow chimed and started to ramble as he went which looked funny since he started to talk with his other hand as he paced back and forth with this conversation. “What’s wrong with this Zava girl that she has a more extreme fate than her mistress? Sir, she is an Avox….” HE paused while I can hear the person on the other end start to get very short fused before he continued.  “She is an Avox that had caused me headaches and there is the fact that she had taught herself how to speak sir… I am not LYING! Mr. President I would not be able to make this up.” He was panicking as beads of sweet were starting to form on his forehead.  Then I hear running feat come up from around the cormer while I made myself smaller than I ever had as another one of the hundreds of peacekeepers here came bursting through the door.

“Head Sorrow sir! I am sorry to interrupt this important conversation but Zava had escaped the premises with the help of her Mistress sir.” The peacekeeper rambled and Mr. Sorrow’s face quickly drained  of any color to make him look like a typical Avox.

“Sorry sir I have to leave as soon as possible, No I won’t say that she is one of the Capital citizens and I understand the consequences that if I do say that in the auction but I must be going. I will kill Zava, I will bring her body to her to show to all the Avoxes, but I need to get going there is a bit of an emergency. Yes I will let you in on the situation later. Bye.” Sorrow rambled fallowed by the harsh sound of a phone being slammed into its holster like he was punching someone in the face as the top ends of the phone holsters bent downwards in retaliation.

I slowly watched as he breathed a little before he raced out of the office. As soon as the door closed I emerged from my hiding spot and glanced over his desk for anything before I make my escape out of the window. I can see the small stacks of folders and it felt like a welcome mat of snooping into one life that I need to get more into.

“Na, Na…” I breathed as I looked down the stack and of course the folder that I am looking for is on the very top of the stack. I slowly slipped it out to look inside. I was surprised to find that the folder was more than just papers since it was a tablet as well. I pressed the button and an entire new world burst from my fingertips finding the on button.

There were many pieces of information that I could use as my weapons of mercy.  Sadly, I have no time right now to comb through this information to where I can find something juicier to use against Mr. Sorrow than just the part that Mistress is a Capital citizen. I slip the item within the jacket and my normal Avox clothing and lifting up the window just enough so I can slip out. I glanced behind me while I heard my heart thump loudly and my hands got sweaty as I fell back behind the window to the outside world.  I ran to the tree line thinking that I have to find a way back home and not in the same way that I went that night but still find Carte as well.

I start to walk through the woods thinking of a way that I could go but all I can see was the greenery of the woods and the sudden sound of the alarm going off in the distance as I felt my stomach turned a little as I blindly raced in the woods. Every twig was like a rubber band slapping my skin while panic was all that I wanted to have at the moment as the blistering sounds of the building alarming everyone in the Capital know that I had flown the coop.

I let my feet carry me faster and faster while only looking back at some moments to see if they were behind me but once I did I stumbled across someone that I latterly bumped into. I could see the stun look on her face as I gathered myself together.

Her classic wide eye look had yet to go away from the few minutes before the escape. She fell back when we collided and we just looked at each other for a second before either of us moved. Once she did I had to get her to recognize me since Catre doesn’t know that I had found another Capital uniform to hide in.

“Cahre wait!” I yelled and she stopped in her tracks to look behind her.

“Zava?” She called and I only had to move over a little bit of my red hair under the helmet in order for her to see that it was me and not this random Peacekeeper trying to gain her trust.

I nodded slightly and she handed me my notebook that I had packed for some odd reason and left it at the start of the mission.  I can see that Curtre knew that I had messed up again on another plain by the way she was smiling while she handed me the notebook. I didn’t need to be reminded by having her give me this treatment.

“I think we are going to need a plan C.” Catre chimed and I had to think a minute and realized that she was right and we did need a plan C now becouse my first plan fianled when I was sidetracked on the Tram in two and the second plan failed when I was getting out of two.  I looked at her in a way that I was hoping that it would come across that I was quite annoyed with her as I started to say something but she cut me off.

“Don’t say any more words since you need to save your voice.” She chimed and I questioned her motives as she started to rush off towards the direction of the plantation with me right behind her.

 “Why you want me oo sop alking?” I quickly asked and she glared at me like I should had known what we were doing.

“There is an auction coming and since they are not expecting an Avox to speak out let alone talk against the fact that someone is on the stand that they know they shouldn’t have.” Catre chimed and when I thought it through I realized that she was right. There was not a single person in the Capital that would think that an Avox could speak let alone be at an auction.

“I’m…” I started but then I stopped myself and waived for Catre to hand me something to write with. Catre smiled and handed me a pencil and I smiled as I wrote the last bit of what I was going to say, “In.”

Catre giggled like I just said something funny. I giggled as well but there was one thing that came in my mind is how we are supposed to achieve this. I wrote down my question and Catre started to walk to the house.

“We are going to have a lot of training to do because I am going to teach you to talk as normal as we can get.” Catre chimed and I felt like I was getting into something a bit more difficult than what I ever imagined.

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