The Avox Speaks HG entry

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.



22. chapter 22

I sat back down on the couch thinking that I had just lost a great person that could help me save Mistress. I could see the glass where it shattered around the picture. I was ashamed that I just offended my friend but Catre doesn’t show anything that is from two in anything that she dose or she has.

I thought that I should let her be for a bit as I heard a loud slam of our door from the floor above me. I sat alone thinking that I have to do something but I needed guidance.

I hear the front door open and Dill came in. I glanced at him for just a before I went back to staring off into space. I felt the couch shift as Dill settled down.

“What’s wrong Zava?” Dill asked and I sighed hoping that he would understand what I am going through as I grabbed his notebook and wrote down everything that had happened to me thus far. “Tis ok child, the darkness can come over us all too where we are unsure if we will survive but when we can see the tiniest speck of life we can pull through. “ He wrote down after he read what I wrote down and it made sence to me.

“But what about Catre?” I wrote down and Dill smiled.

“Let her be for right now but if you want to go talk to her.” Dill wrote down and I played back thinking that he just went from helpful to hindering in just a few moments.

I started to walk upstairs for no reason while I tried to race around my own head for what to say other than an I’m sorry. I got to the door and I could hear sniffling on the other side which told me that I did manage to offend her. I waited for a moment before I knocked.

“Go away!” I hear but I didn’t let that make me falter. I knocked again and Catre slowly opened the door her eyes were red and she could barely speak. I wondered how many tears she drained out of her in a few short minutes.

“an we alk?” I asked and she started to open the door a bit wider and laid her body against the frame. It was quite obvious that she was not looking forward to talking to me by the darkness that surrounded her voice.

“No.” She used the word like a dagger trying to hit me as if it was a way to kill my presence being there.

“En I get my notebook?”  I asked as I crossed my fingers behind my back in hopes that she would let me into our room.

“I guess.” She huffed as she sat on my side of the bed she stared at me like I had just killed so many people. Catre’s arms were crossed while she kicked her legs back and forth like a pengilem would.

I could see that she didn’t change the room much other than a new set of sheets on the bed that she would have to do again before I get back. I glance around in the drawers and came up with another notebook. I can see my own face that had changed so much since I began my journey as an Avox.

My hair was chopped short while my face had sunken in a little to where it was like I was staring at someone familiar but at the same time I wasn’t sure if the person staring back is me.  

“So what is the plan?” Catre asked and it threw me in a loop because I was not expecting her to ask something of that nature. I quickly turned around and it must have come across as I did not listen to her. “You did come back for a reason right?” Catre questioned cheerfully to put me back into the mindset that I needed to be.

“I’m oing oo save mifress.” I chimed and Catre smiled a little like she was reading something that I wasn’t thinking off.

“By doing what? Going up and telling Mr. Sorrow that he should let Mistress go.” She chimed and I had to backtrack a little since that was my original plan.

“yef..” I said as I knew that Catre was going to tear me apart so I tried to ignore her but I couldn’t ignore it since it became interesting to me.

“That would be a good idea to get yourself killed.” Catre chimed. “Do you even know if Mistress is still alive? She could be one of us by now? “ 

She did have a point that I didn’t plan that far other than just the two words that I had repeated for the past few days or even weeks.  I never was a person that planed everything else other than a main goal since there always something that gets in the way or that something goes wrong but Catre smirked as if she was reading my mind.

Catre stood like she was reading me like a book. “Your righ.” I breathed thinking that she is going to backlash me completely. Instead, she widened her smirk to where it became a smile.

“Thought so. And the question of the day is the part that we don’t know where Mistress is.” Catre chimed and I glared at her wondering if she is physic or not but the way she is talking to me.

“Righ.” I sighed and an idea poped into my head. The rainy clouds that had been looming since I didn’t mean to offended Catre. I grasped the notebook and went back to the closet and easily found a small bag and felt something that I haven’t felt a long time creep up inside, My true self.

It has been a long time since I had seen her and it had been three long years since I could show her. The dark side of me arose to where I wondered if I could embrace her for a while since I used to be her. I only let her out to remind Mr. Sorrow that I had yet to be broken but now that I had been gone from the Avox lifestyle It is a relief that I could show up in the right times, Like in two.

“We han et inoo vhe chamber.” I suggested and Catre gave me the questionable glance like she didn’t know what I meant by the chamber so I switched the last word in the sentence so she would understand. “vhe ifeooshion.” I huffed and her eyes brightened and she came up and hugged me and I stumbled back inside the closet trying to support her sudden charge.

“Then we might want to hurry since time is waiting.” Catre chimed and I looked around to see Dill in the doorway looking in with a huge smile that said that he is glad that we had made peace with each other.

“Catre, I inin’t mean oo offen you.” I said.  She looked at me dead in the eyes that were full of flame and want to get back to work towards a goal.

“You can make it up to me when we find Mistress.” Catre chimed.

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