The Avox Speaks HG entry

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.



2. chapter 2

 “Nacy, darling, you don’t want this Avox in your possession!” Mr. Sorrow begged My new mistress to return me.

“She is mine and you know it. Besides, I had worse Avoxes in my keep and turned them into happy workers.” She sassed and Mr. Sorrow pulled me by his side.

“This one is an animal full of escapes and death to the owners you are the twentieth hand that she had and I am not going to let her destroy you.” Mr. Sorrow must see me as a prize since he is acting this hard to get every cent out of my head for his pockets.

“Doesn’t matter. I can turn you in for housing a sold Avox after her stay of Perfection and that means you, sir, would be dead.” My mistress threatened and all color from Mr. Sorrow’s face drained out of his system. I could see Mr. Sorrow now with his body on the whipping post. His arms tied to the two cemented stands and the chains hold his feet in place for extra measure. Every sound of the whip he would be starting at me for mercy even though he gave me none so I would just watch.

“I am trying to do what is best for you.” He chimed and I snorted loudly thinking that he just wants me to be his play toy until he is either finished with me and I become part of the ground or my price point goes up because of my experience.

“Really? By not giving me what I paid for? Maybe this would change your mind.” She chimed and handed him a check. Mr. Sorrow glanced at it in wonder as if it would combust in flames in front of him as she took my arm and slid me over to her side of the conversation.

“Mam, There is more than what you paid for on this check.” Mr. Sorrow pointed out. I was flabbergasted that he would notice something like that and point it out to the customer.

“I know….” Mistress chimed as she whisked me away to her place as I was thinking of ways to make her hate me.

We got into a luxurious white car that I had never seen before. Mistress went into the front seat while I slid my way into the back. The seats themselves were bright red leather with silver and gold button trim.  The car was spot on and I was amazed that we had to take a car to her household instead of walking in the city for everything as the people passed us every way possible on the sidewalks.

The lights inside were a worm glow that kept the car’s temperature perfect for everyone that is riding. The windows were not glass at all though they were acting like it was.

“Like my car? It is top of the line for where I live. Oh, this is Mar. He is the main driver of my Avox household.” She explained and I was surprised to hear that there is more than the two of us at this place.

I nodded silently thinking that there has to be no other way that she had that many Avoxes and still have enough resources to house me. Everything I do it is in the name of destroying the Capital’s Avox program.

“I have a few rules that are simple and easy to fallow in my household.” She started to explain and I was listening and looking at the window thinking that she should be in rage by now that I am not looking at her and away like most people would. “One, you work well and don’t make any fights. Granted, it will happen but we all try to keep it at a minimal. Two, make sure you keep your section neat and tidy plus keep your routine in check. Less work for everyone. Finally rule number three, be you. Since I don’t like the robotic teachings that the Capital pushes on every single Avox I decided to take the outcasts and share them here in my household.” She chimed and I wanted to scream at the third one.  Nobody ever wants an Avox to be his or herself because of the chance of mutiny or the threat of being dead. Avoxs are maids and butlers not regular human beings that should have these things should they? Although that one sentence makes sense to me but many had been broken so much that they refuse to be nothing else but a lifeless shell that only thinks and acts on one gesture.

We drove on the road for a while and soon there was a field of crops that I thought I would have never believed was here until it was staring outside of my window. Avoxes were tending to the field and once they all noticed the vehicle they started to wave kindly and Mistress returned the favor.

I was also blown away when we made our way up the half circle driveway to the house. The white house looked like it was never touched before the dark days of the world. The porch was wide and easy to have a huge party on that porch and have it wrap around from back to front.

“Like my place? Remember, my house is your house.” Mistress chimed and all I could seem to do was let my jaw drop to the floor and nod that I agree with her.  I watched her climb out of the car and I fallowed.

The Avoxes looked at us as if I was an outcast but she soon stopped at the steps and turned to me. “Silly me, I forgotten my own rule Avoxes are people that help me around the house which means you shouldn’t have those nasty cuffs on your wrists.” She chimed and unlocked my hand cuffs.

Mistress went back to the door and stood in the doorway. The smirk on her face was something that I knew very well since it is the same one that I get when I am up to something suspicious.  “We won’t need these anymore Zava.” She said and tossed them into the trash. I was overjoyed that she did this since I had been in shackles for days with my last owner before he even let me into his house.

Suddenly I heard footsteps up the porch and I stepped out of the way. A man that was very tall came into the room. His dark skin was like a shadow that graced the room that was from the past, just like the front of the house.

“Hello Dill. How is this year’s flower path coming?” Mistress asked and dill gave her a thumb up and wrote something down in his notebook. He showed it to her and I was amazed that he knew how to write let alone have the courage to keep a pocketbook for conversations.

“Whichever way you want it. It would look nice either way just make sure you know the sun placement instructions.” Mistress chimed and he bowed before almost walking away but he must have spotted me before leaving the room since he started jotting down something else in his notebook before showing the mistress.

"Oh where are my manners? Dill, this Zava she is a helper for Mag or have to see about placement. Dill is our head flower and crop keeper" Mistress introduced me and I looked at her in question on whom this Mag was. I could only picture the woman with snow white hair and wilted body that possibly can’t do much anymore. 

“Pleasure,” Dill showed me in his notebook and he offered his hand that wasn’t holding his book and I shook it with a grin that spread from ear to ear. I looked into his old blue eyes that had seen years of torment and despair but has a small glimmer of hope that a lot of Avoxes loose in the first few moments of being awake without a tongue, which is periodical for Avoxes to have since we are criminals and betrayers of the Capital so we become slaves of the capital.

I glared at Dill as he left and Mistress looked off to the side and we went on with the tour but during this tour I could feel someone watching me from a distance. However as soon as I looked over my shoulder the felling would tension but the eyes would evaporate into thin air.  

The urge to ask about what placement was if I don’t like where I am working job wise. The fact that this is getting to determine my future was making my heart thump a little to think if I don’t fit this mold that I am going to be returned and Mr. Sorrow is going to win me back to treat me however he wanted and that would include killing me.

Next thing I know I see a woman at a weaving loom and a sewing desk next to her and I was trying my hardest not to run to her to randomly hug her to see another person that has the same skills as me is a sight to see and means that I am not alone.

“This is Mag, Mag this is Zava.” Mistress chimed and Mag stopped weaving a turquoise blue fabric for some reason and started to write in her notebook.

“Hello child, Are you here to help old Mag?” Her notebook showed and I shook my head yes and she smiled. “Good, I am getting old and I had talked about getting an apprentice for my craft in this household.” Mag had written down and I was happy since it was obvious by her wrinkled brown skin and tattered fingers that I was needed as soon as Mistress could get me or someone with what I know.

But then I glanced at her outfit and it was different than the traditional white clothing that the Capital says that it is vital for us to wear. I also saw the different outfit on Dill that is different from the traditional white but I figured it was because he was a gardener. However, I guess I was wrong.

I thought at first the indivgulaity was a hoax but now I could see it. Every single person one way or another was different from the other to where it is easy to see that they are people instead of workers. Like a family in a way.

Then I see her again before she quickly dogged my gaze again. A girl about seven was watching my every move and I could see her run away for some job that needs to be done as I see her brownish red hair fly behind her in her wake.

“Well, since you are well acquainted with the main two Avoxes here and I know that you will meet the rest at dinner so there should be one more stop since you are going to become a main helper and waver, like Mag, I will show you to your room.” Mistress chimed and Mag waved bye before we left to my mysterious room.

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