The Avox Speaks HG entry

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.



19. chapter 19

“Vis way.” I chimed as I led them to the end of the station where the Tram had entered. There was a slight crack in the walls that was in a shape of a door and I knew that these peacekeepers would have a stash just in case of something as a riot. I found this out since when I first started out as a thief I had to get creative when it came to getting from place to place within the districts. One way I did that was time the Tram perfectly to where I either went inside or held onto a rail that was connected on the platform or go through these tunnels and that is how I discovered this place.

I opened the door and there the stash was. All the rifles and grenades that we would need for a revolution is here for the taking and to use against whatever comes our way. I smiled at my find as I looked at Thread.

“Is yours.”  I said as Thread slowly walked inside possibly thinking that she could make the destruction but I knew her better than what she would make out to be.

She calmly grasped a pistol and checked the clip. I can see the astonishment on her face as Mark did the same. He didn’t grab anything but he did touch a few things. I also started to look around for a camera to look into that way I could mess with Sorrow’s head that I am still alive.

I can see him now making destruction out of the place that he called home making sure that the people around him know that that little Avox is in the mist of making him fall into dust.  I can see him standing in front of the current President trying to convince him or her to let him live and keep the job that he so well fits because it gives him pleasure that makes several people sick. 

But I am starting to make myself sick because I am about to introduce destruction to a different set of people that never learned to defend themselves. I questioned myself as I turned my back to the weapons in sorrow  that I am thinking about taking arms to something that is not even remotely close to my target. I felt myself getting sick and I fell to the ground with a hard thud as the world spinning around me. I knew that I was not going to die but I possibly need to get back on track as my mind raced as ways to do both right now.

“Zava are you ok?” I hear faintly from Mark and Thread as they raced to help me. I suddenly felt the pain from the gun blast reemerge while I felt the pain stay for a little and then flip to pulsating pain that matched my heartbeat. I tried to stand but I am too week. Why am I like this? I am supposed to be the hero not the one that is practically on the floor sick for no reason at all.

I gazed up with water in my eyes and Thread knelt beside me. I knew that she cared and understood what I am going through if I could explain it to her other than the tears that I am fighting back.

“It’s ok Zava, Going through a lot makes you brave and can make you sick because you thought of being torn between something that resembles two things at once.” Thread whispered and it was exactly what I needed to hear since I am actually torn between three things, My Avox self, the thief and the revolutionist. I have no clue that I was trying to fit a mold till now.

I looked at her and I wondered if I was doing what I am supposed to do and she nodded. “You possibly need air it is quite dusty.”  She chimed and I knew that was not what I wanted to hear but it was a start to getting back to normal and my head back on track.

I walked onto the platform and surprised that the tram had yet to leave and I thought that I need a new start and that was on this tram to the capital. I left in a gaze wondering if I had my helmet inside or that I will need to get another one but all honesty I can care less about it.

I feel my feet find the car as I stepped inside slowly. The rush on renewal was amazing as a tingling sensation washed over me while I stared at the dark arias of the car. The windows were dampened as if someone just scratched on them in hopes of being swept away on the tracks. The place was in complete dismay as was I. I felt at home in this section instead of the preppy car that I had earlier.

“So you are leaving?” I hear Thread almost threat behind me and I immediately felt like she didn’t want me to survive at all in my original mission.  I understood Thread on not wanting to loose me again but I was the only one in my mind that would do anything to stop Sorrow.

I nodded slightly and I was ready for the fight that would span between us and possibly over to Mark.  “I mus.” I chimed as she embraced me in a hug that I was not looking for or was expecting.

“You always were stubborn.” Threads chimed as Mark came in with a hand shake for me.

“I guess I should consider myself a saved Avox.” He laughed and I couldn’t have said it best.  As soon as they backed away after a moment of silence I had made my disunion and felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders but just when the doors were about to close something came into the car.

I could hear a click of mettle bang on the ground and slowly came closer to me while I watched. Every bounce was like a clock slowly ticking down till the bouncing stopped to reveal that my helmet had found me once again. I picked it up with a heavy heart while feeling the tracks run underneath.

There was no turning back now since I am back on track to something that I was born to become and that is the only Avox that can speak and save others from the same fate. I glanced at the Helmet thinking what should I do although I already knew what should happen next as I looked out the windows at the lush between District aria that most would ever know until they become either a tribute or off their butts and take a stand.

I slowly raised the Helmet over my head and slid it on thinking that it is my time to stand since I shouldn’t give up after a few times of failures. I felt the tracks under my feet while I thought that I couldn’t wait to come back to the Capital to become more than anyone ever realized what an Avox can do.

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