The Avox Speaks HG entry

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.



18. chapter 18

We opened the doors to see that we had almost made it to the Capital. My heart sank as there were people in garb that were magnificent. That I would only expect in the capital. There was a nice pedestal the bottom of the stairwell of someone that I better not think about since I bet it was another peacekeeper or something that was very recently placed. I held Mark’s wrists as we slowly walked down the steps.

“Let me go!” He yelled and I slapped him in the back on the head hoping that would knock some scene into him.  I pointed to the white uniforms around us and Mark seemed to finally get my message.   

“What is the meaning of this?”  I suddenly hear and I could see a Peacekeeper with a blue band around his arm saying that he is a higher rank. I acted like I was still winded while Mark struggled a little to get out of my grasp but he failed.

“Emergrewency…” I tried to breathe as I made myself collapse to my own knees out of pure trick of fatigue. I let Mark go as I sacrificed him for my cause. I knew that it was selfish of me to do that but it was a small weight that I had to get rid of him in order to move on.

One life for another in my mind was worth it while He saw his orotundity and ran. Two is the second most decorated and spoiled district, right behind one but District Two dose have the most brainwashed place that I had ever seen since there were people in lines and didn’t even bother to even look in curiosity that one of their own Peacekeepers just fell right in front of them and these people doesn’t even bother a second of their own lives.

“I need a medic and more Keepers!” I hear while I can tell that I had just compromised who I am as I started to get up. I noticed that Mark had left the scene. I stood and used my own fist to hit the peacekeeper in the nose and made the peacekeeper tumble down the steps to finally land on the hard concrete ground while more came to his aid, leaving me a chance to escape.

“It’s a Fraud! Stop that peacekeeper.” I hear the worst words that I could hear while I pushed my way only through part of the lines in thought that I was in the clear while people moved quickly to the side for only a short time till these people realized that I was the jinxed officer.

I looked desperately around for a friend or someone that can see that I am just trying to make my way home to the capital. I wondered if I was ever going to get a brake until I saw Mark again. He was hidden behind a shack that I wished that I had the chance to go with him. I quietly pushed my way through the crowds that maybe just maybe he was trying to pay me back but right now.

Finally, my short running from the law ended with a grand example of what the rest of the rest of the Districts, other than one, knows the Twos as the Capital’s pets. The citizens of district two acted like a net by grasping each other’s hands and not letting go until I tried to turn around to find my hands being grabbed by the Capital’s pets. Their grasps were extremely tight where I knew if I tried to fight or run I be even more battered than what I currently am. 

I still tried to move while I can see the lines of peacekeepers come to me and my heart sank knowing that Mark had left me high and dry and I left Thread instead of staying in eight and helping with their cause. I silently hung my head in defeat while the like was like a sea of white that resembled an army ready to be dispatched to many arias.

“You thought that you can pass yourself as one of us.” The peacekeeper that I whacked chimed so confidently. I hated his guts at the moment while I can see the blood rush down his face and onto the perfect uniform that is now drenched in a nice red streak of blood.  I said nothing while I stayed calm and kept my gaze onto him while he came close enough to where I can smell the same perfume that Sorrow had on and I can never forget that as he came closer showing that he is just as human as me because he can bleed which means he is not a chosen person that was sent from the havens like most people think that they are.

“So are you afraid to speak to me even though you just did?” He chimed and I nodded thinking that if I can pose myself as a weakling that broke at the wrong moment. These people that surround me would be shocked to hear that it is the grate Zava thief that had her face as the one whom made the textiles boom a little in eight but was convicted with the crime of thieving.

“Well then if you won’t speak maybe you would after I reveal your identity.” The bloodied peacekeeper chimed as he reached for my helmet. I thrashed ferociously thinking that if there was anyone that would save me now would be a wonderful time to do so.

My wish was granted as I saw a flash a light come across my face and land directly into the main peacekeeper and making panic flow through the streets and letting me move out of harm’s way. Every person either went to see if they could help or ran off and way. The mad area of screams was filed because the peacekeepers were at a loss while they waved their guns every which way and I knew that there would be another tram from six that I need to get on but I wasn’t sure how until I could hear and see more bullets hit these men of white down one by one making me think that there had to be more than just what is in front of me while I whipped the head peacekeeper’s blood off of my face and onto my hand.

 I held it up to my own face since I was free now and I only thought of one thing because the propaganda posters of join in the ranks as if it would make you immortal. I placed my hand in front of several faces knowing that they would understand my cry and turn the perfection into a tragedy.

“Fee, FEE! Imoral!” I yelled thinking that these people would hear my cry.  Sadly only a few understand that I was crying for these pets of two can see that these keepers are just like them.

“She is right.” I turned behind me to see Mark and Thread behind me and I am not sure how in the world Thread got here but I don’t care at all since she had made me quite proud.  I smiled on the inside of my helmet thinking that this is not the time to truly reveal myself.

“They are not Gods! These peacekeepers given this place one thing to make them fall.” Thread chimed and I placed a hand on Thread thinking that I was not going to be the one that started a revolution for these people I just want to get back to my Capital home.

“No” I sounded and she looked at me in shock.

“Why? This is a golden chance!” She chimed and I sighed thinking that this might become the biggest thing that I will kick myself later but my options would not be best in this district if we took the president down now. We made enough damage although I do wish to finish.

“Cap.” I insisted and I started to undo the jacket part of my uniform to show the turquoise underneath just a little which made a few people gasp.

“Very well but first we have to give these people some sort of hope of fighting back whenever they want to as well as getting you to at least one of the Trams.” Thread chimed and I agreed. I had planted the seed and it is my responsibility to give it a chance to catch on and grow into something much more than what most will ever think that little action would ever become this huge thing that will spread on to the many others.

“Agrwee.” I huffed and grabbed the gun from Mark and pointed to the rooftops. I quickly climbed up using every last bit of strength I had. I could feel the same confusion as before however this time was still my turn to shine.

“Twoo! Twoo!” I called out and a few stopped and every single set that did was looking to me for guidance. “Peafekefers are mot Gom!” I yelled and right then I lost them as I was not in a good spot. I felt something hit me and I moved backward and off my little post knowing that I had did my part in letting the seed growing into something bigger as I fell down to the ground bellow me. I didn’t feel the entail impact of the bullet as I felt nothing close to a thud on the ground as I saw Thread and Mark with a few others come over me to see if I had died.

After a few moments of taking mental inventory of limbs I tried to get up from the ground when I felt a sharp pain come from my chest. I placed my hand on where the pain was so intense that I knew that this is going to become the part where I was going to die and become just a little Avox that had such a bit idea. 

I am happy that I am a part of Eight since you get to know your products very well like how hard it is to get the fabric over the plate that is in the chest and sew it together.  I lifted my hand slowly to see no blood and I knew that it was one that was meant to go into storage like every district has and can be taped into at any time of needed and I can find it in this district since I have an idea where it is because The tram stations are mainly built the same way and that means that there has to be another one here.

I started to get up once again but Thread held me down. “You are best to be lying low.” Thread chimed and I thought that I had my break while I pushed her aside a to give me room to stand. 

The awe in these witnesses eyes were that of people that were followers instead of people that want to take action. “I Meed to go.” I said and started to make my way to the Tram thinking that there is another one coming as I heard the loud whoosh of the Tram as well as the whistle that signals that it is nearby.

“Why are wanting to leave one you are injured and two these people are looking at you as someone that can lead them out of this propaganda state!” Thread yelled and I was seeing Peacekeepers everywhere taking aim at us in very hidden spots such as signs and windows.

“Hey are everywhere look!”  I yelled as I pointed where I spotted the solders and Thread looked around like she understood what I was trying to say and she must had forgotten our days from being thieves in eight.

“You are right not the right time.” She quickly said and I knew that she had done just that as I tossed the gun over my shoulder and it went off over my back and fired off a shot that sounded off a loud bang that I was not expecting. I quickly ducked and could see that I almost hit a chunk off of an awning since there was a bullet hole on the edge. I sped up walk a little while towing Thread with me and Mark was right behind us.

“Well, what do you think we should do then since you had just made yourself known?” Mark asked as I thought that I was still in good standings as we had yet to be attacked. I felt the tension of the place stirred around us as I could see each gun point right at us as if we were on some sort of hit list like we were.

“Vand vown.” I chimed thinking that that would be best and I looked at him thinking that I should disarm myself soon. “Vranverate.” I commanded and Mark nodded with Thread being madder than ever as her face get beat red and I thought that I could see steam run off of her head.

“What do you mean stand down? You are going back yes but standing down? You never stopped to give up….” Thread shouted and I was thinking that she was acting her shoe size instead of her age.

“You are owing to ee vhe one waying.” I said right to her face and handed her the gun. Thread’s eyes widened as she glanced at the large barrel and looked down the sight and seemed satisfied of her new rank.

“Ok Peacekeepers of Two I will officially leave you alone.” Mark boomed since he was translating for me since I know that my speech is a bit hard to understand to most people. I would say quietly to him and he would boost it out as hard and as loud as he could to convince these guards that I was doing like I said instead of showing Thread and Mark where there stash is before the Tram takes me away.

“Let us go off in peace to the Capital that way both of us can live our lives quietly and in peace. I do apologize for you captain but please remember one thing.” Mark translated as we made our way up the steps and to the station. The coldness of the peacekeepers was still definitely immanent while I was starting to have the same gathering of people as before and just as big.

“Remember, I am fvava! I Am an Avox!” I called out over the crowds as I gently raised my arms up to remove my helmet while I can tell that Thread quietly opened the door behind us.  I can see the awe awaken in all of my onlookers as I lifted my helmet. The crowd gasped as I can hear a few guns fall to the ground or to the floor as I felt my hair fall to its length that it would fall to.

All at once a simultaneous gasp washed over the crowd as I smiled knowing that I might have given this group hope. I waved to the crowd and it seemed like I just gained their trust again.  I signaled Mark over to translate for me since I wanted everyone to hear my message. He looked shocked that I wanted him to translate again instead of slowly saying it to the masses in front of me.

“Her name is Zava, She is an Avox and if She can start an revolution so can all of you as you don’t need to be forced to become something you are no!” Mark called out for me and I was very satisfied at what he translates. I glanced at my helmet thinking that I don’t need to go into hiding anymore since I am going to be everywhere anyway after today so it doesn’t a hundred present matter what I do other than getting my point across.

I threw the helmet inside the car and everyone was in shocked and I was sure by the sounds that were coming from the station that the mid-morning or afternoon Tram was about to come to its stop for the moment. I glanced around happy at what I had done since I knew that I had sewn the seed that houses the idea of a new realm and watched it grow to where it is up to the district to continue the fight as well as care for this idea.

I entered the Station with Thread and Mark right behind me. I immediately went to a window as the Tram pulled to a stop behind us.  The steam on the inside matched the events outside as several people started to fight the peacekeepers but I had planted the seed at the worst spot since two was the peacekeeper’s version of the capital because as soon as I turned to see the aria bellow I hear several guns go off and the next in command of the peacekeepers replaced where I stood.

“Anyone who decides to be like that Avox will become this.” I hear though the window as my heart sank a little while I watched this seed dyeing and I knew I can’t do anything about it right now.

I watched as he grabbed a random person out of the crowd. It was a person that was about my age and looked like they did know what was going on but isn’t sure why she had been chosen. My tears made me choke up as I couldn’t speak at all because of the tears as I saw the small gun rise up to her head. I can see Thread take aim to the peacekeeper as I glared at her and pushed it down to tell her that I am letting this person die. I felt like I was in a dream state while I walk to my helmet to pick it up since I have one more district to go to.

“Zava?” I hear Mark behind me while Thread was unsure on what to saw as she was still looking out the window.

“Vay are pefs.” I sighed as I heard the one shot that ended a person’s life as I almost entered the car with Mark and Thread. However I had one more thing to show them and it is because of Thread’s new positon in this district as being my eyes and ears while I am gone.

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