The Avox Speaks HG entry

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.



17. chapter 17

I went back to the car and thought that this is a start of the old me and the Avox me meeting. I arrived into the car that I started in and I didn’t realize before but I noticed this time the beautiful and luxurious layout of the car that I had chosen. The red and white wallpaper was on the walls while small lamps lit the car with soft lights that seemed to give it an unfamiliar gaze while a beautiful sofa with gold buttons and gray fabric stood out in the room that I was happy to use as I sat down. The base was extremely lax as I plopped right in and I wished that I could stay here forever.

I laid down knowing that I had to take every moment that I could to rest but I couldn’t sleep while my mind was still racing from however hours, days or even weeks that I was on that tram railing. I turned to the ceiling and I didn’t realize the mural of little angels flying around in the clouds and I wondered if this was an operational tribute car during the first few weeks of the Hunger Games.

My eyes started to get heavy as I did the one thing that I have not done in a long time and that was to relax. Three years fighting for my life and being on a nice moving tram made me sleepy. I could see the inside of my eyelids shut tight for a few moments of sleep when I felt a sudden stall in the movement that jolted me back awake.

I quickly grabbed my helm and put it on while I could feel that my hair fall past my shoulders again and I decided right then that it would have to get shorter if I want to keep my identity. I grasped my hair were the helm stopped and raced to a mirror thinking that there has to be a pair of scissors or something in that nature to chop off my long hair. I quickly fount a pair and in one swoop I chopped off the menacing strands and tossed them behind the dresser hoping that nobody would look there while I am gone.

I tuned and slipped my helmet on just in time to see that the back of the car had just opened to reveal something that I was not expecting to see.  A kid that was about my age when I was captured three years ago comes in with two peacekeepers and I couldn’t believe that I was seeing someone come in this way.

The kid was bashing around to trying to get free and I felt bad for him since I know what he is going through. The sorrow of going to a new place to only hear your horrible fate that you are going to be a Avox slave for the rest of your life. Our eyes met for a short second and I knew that he was looking for a hero right then since he possibly had nobody other than the people that he just left behind.

I decided that he wouldn’t have to see the darkness as I was called out from the Peacekeeper that was restraining him while the other one was closing the door.  “You there escaping your job! Help us with the fighter.” The Peacekeeper rang out and I stood and revealed myself as one of them by quickly doing what I was told by grabbing the kid’s wrists. I wished that I could tell him that he was in good hands because he was starting to kick me in the shins almost making me let go and make the peacekeepers think that I am a fraud.  

I felt every kick like a wrecking ball against my leg making it pulsate harshly before the kid would do it again to make the pain worse and making me think that my bones would break at the last minute. I tried my hardest not to let out a shriek or act in a way that it would show.

Soon I couldn’t handle it anymore and let him go. The kid didn’t waste any time as he ran faster than anyone that I had seen to the other end of the car than where we were standing and slid the door open to almost slip away to the next car. I can see that the other two peacekeepers were furious at me as they started to scorn me a little before moving to the door.  I can see the two peacekeepers double team on the kid as they pulled the kid down to the ground. Down they went with a thud that sounded like my hopes for the kid went unanswered as his screams were replaced with mine from the past.

I stayed with them wishing that the kid escaped for a bit. I can see on the two peacekeeper’s faces that I needed to be alone with him. “Go to the next car! You are useless to us.” He ordered and I was furious since I was supposed to be the kid’s guardian angel till we got to the Capital or a place where he can go in hiding.

I slid open the door open to the next car. My throat was swelled up from trying to keep myself from making tears as I saw the torment from a desistance. The two peacekeepers fought him and I could hear though the door the harshness while I was forced to watch.

I started to think that I am worthless to him as I could feel something inside of me start to strip away while I can see this car as a bunch of laughter from the Capital to the both of us. Every moment of my life was stripped from me to only to be shown as this kid, my last chance, other than Mistress, to set things right.  I can see the laughter that is silent but it is still their while I laid my back to the door and slid down placing my helmet between my knees to just stare at it.

The perfect white reflected my face while I can see my newly chopped hair just go past my ears while I knew that I was starting to become like these peacekeepers. Evil and ignorant with a cocky attitude as well as ignoring the truth which I am doing right now. I gazed deep into my own eyes and it frightened me that I am having a golden opportunity to make something right that had been ignored for too long.

I jumped to my feet trying to think quickly. I can’t speak since that will insure two things and I prefer not to rely on that. Next thing I think about is maybe I can stop the Tram and I can see that the windows would be my best bet. I walked up to the window slowly and held my helmet close to the window to aim. I can hear the siren now as I only have one shot at this to make it work.

I used all my power and felt the air go over the helm and I felt all the anger, pain, and wishes go into this one punch. The wind went faster and faster as I knew that the helm was getting closer and closer till it was intended to be breaking the glass.

I felt the glass bend a little before bending the helmet back at me. I still had a grip on the helmet as I dodged it and managed to stumble backwards to lose my balance and land into the chair. Sadly when I landed there was so much momentum that I felt the chair tip slowly backwards to where I was hoping that it wasn’t going to tip to where I was going to crash to the floor. I tried to lean forward as my heart sank while the chair was about to go over itself but it didn’t work as I landed with a loud crash on the floor.

I didn’t get up that quick from the ground as my head started to pound from the impact. “Ouch.” I thought while I rubbed where I hit my head and started to think of a plan b.

I knew that was going to work, but it didn’t. I think that I can save Mistress, but knowing my luck we would be two Avoxes on the run. And that kid, possibly looking for a way out but who was I to become a hero like I used to. Those days are done and I am surely going to die if I keep going.

I still hear the screams of the boy in the background. The past still haunts me since I didn’t have something that he would possibly never have again if I stop now, a chance. I can be that chance since I had been telling myself that failing is not an option since I got separated with Mistress.

I started to see clearly now as not with my mission but a way to get rid of the stress that had been piling up and I saw plenty opportunities as I grabbed a chair that I had fallen over and threw it to the floor to hear it crash along the floor, sending the pieces everywhere like a firework or laser gun shooting off several at once. I wanted more to destroy while I striped the draws from the chest that was in the back and tossed them into the walls and then making sure that they can hear what I am doing I tossed a few to the door. I was like a tornado as I tossed chairs or whatever I could lift onto the walls and the wallpaper becoming wrapping paper when I got my hands on it.

Just as I predicted, the peacekeepers are attracted to noise while I quickly scurried for my helmet. Panic rushed through me as I couldn’t seem to find where my helmet went. I started to crawl on the ground and throwing the peace on the ground. The peacekeepers were being quicker that I would ever think as I kicked something next to me and it was my Helmet. I quickly dusted it off and stuffed my head inside just when the door opened and I made sure I placed my foot on a chair leg so when I landed I looked like I fell during the destruction instead of before.

“What happened?” I heard from one of the two peacekeeper while he came to my side as I acted dazed as I looked up to the opened doorway after the fall. I had forgotten once again that I had forgotten that I can’t speak but that is minor because I had forgotten a more curial element to my plan that I didn’t think through and that was that I was the only one that was here and there was no one else to blame but myself but soon the destruction gave me more of a leeway than I expected.

I had to speak and I knew I still had a voice somewhere as I hummed an old district eight song when I did the dishes a few days ago.  I can act like I was part of a beating since I am already down on the ground. I started to cough loudly and placed a hand on my chest.

“Omp fee fram.” I manage to get out of my mouth and I was very surprised at how I did since it sounded that I was very winded from this fake fight. The words were hard to get out but I was very proud of what I was doing right now since I was breaking down the barriers of saying what an Avox is.

One of the same two peacekeepers that came in or was still at the doorway went to the other side of the car. As he went I could see and hear him stumble over the debris that I had made. The wobble of his body was very comical as he waved his hands this way and that while getting his boots to a somewhat clean spot on the floor like he was dodging rat traps in his boots while I tried my best to fight back the laughter that was creeping up on me. I liked seeing the peacekeeper suffer as we were still going on the rails.

Sadly there was still one left as he started to look me over for wounds or anything that would show on my uniform.  I became very uncomfortable thinking that if he spots the fact that I am a girl and that I had been lying about everything to where I can lose my life because the President doesn’t allow girls in the peacekeeper force unless the person had proven themselves very worthy to get this honor.

“Your frien migh meed you. Vere waf Mar van one.” I tried to breathe out and the peacekeeper reared back a bit in shock that I had said that. I glared into the visor of his helmet to see my own visor as a reflection.

“Are you sure there was more than one?” He asked as I breathed harder and harder acting like I am having a very horrible as well as haunting nightmare that I can’t get my mind off of.

“Go!” I yelled as if it was the last bit of breath that I had as I laid my head back and held my breath in wait but then I breathed harshly like I was trying to get my breath but will not have any hope for living for long as death was here to take this man away. I knew that the last peacekeeper was saddened and very gullible since he had bought the trick because he set me down gently like I needed peace. I hear the same stumble exactly like the first one and I waited for what seemed like forever as every step was a slow passage of time. The steps were far apart from each other where I could tell that this man had terrible balance or that he just wanted to take his sweet time going to the other door.  Crunch went his boot on the ground and it felt like this person was not trained in destruction movement since the click of the door felt like a sound that I never thought I would hear today.

I bolted back up after I counted to ten when that heavenly latch of the door in the back of the car sounded that they had securely closed the door behind them but I am sure that one of those two peacekeepers has a key to let them back in if that one peacekeeper that just left happened to lock the door behind him. I didn’t think as I walked to the door that was with the first luxury car and I opened the door with a hard push. I felt like a hero as I slammed the door shut and I made sure that I blocked the door with the mirror. 

I felt proud of my work and started to move close to the kid that I had left earlier. He was on the couch with his hands and feet being bounded with cuffs while his eyes were tied shut to where he was blinded with a cloth. “What’s wrong officers? Is something wrong to where I need to become lightened load? Besides I can kick you all to death.” He threatened as I started to untie his cloth.  I stayed like I was as I waited for him to calm down but that wasn’t the case. “Come on now what’s wrong Capital warden you scared of one provider of a district?” He teased and I had enough of this as I needed to reveal my identity to him.

I slowly took off of my helmet to let this kid see my face.  His eyes were wide and he sat back in the sofa that I was hiding behind before all this. My red shortened hair was a bit everywhere when I lifted my helmet but I knew that he was trying to understand if this was real by the way he was looking for someone else.

“You are an Avox?” He questioned and I nodded yes. He shook his head possibly more to himself than to me. “And you are going to save me?” He started to laugh and I didn’t understand why he was thinking this was funny as I answered yes by another head nod.   “An Avox is going to save me? This is the greatest hoax that I had ever been through!  An, Avox has the gumption to go out and save someone against her master’s wishes!” He busted out laughing and I placed an arm on his throat to make him quiet. I gave him a bit of pressure and gave him a gaze that I knew would send him the message that I was not a type to mess with. I placed my other finger over my own mouth to single this loudmouth to get quiet before I let him go.

“Ok you win.” The kid chimed as he caught his breath. “I will admit that I am very thankful that you saved me. I’m Mike.” He chimed and I wrote my name in the air and once again Mike was shocked, although I think the correct term was star struck.

“You’re the Zava from Eight?” He questioned and I smiled widely thinking that he just now placed all the pieces together to where he recognized me.  I thought that I might as well unlock the bounds that were around Mike’s feet and hands but there was a problem... I didn’t have any keys. I glanced around wondering if there is something that I could use.

“Looking for a pick?” Mike chimed as he stood. He tried his hardest to get to his right front pocket but I understood what he was reaching for. I reached inside his pocket to where I was amazed that they didn’t take the small bobby pin that was in his pocket and I felt pleased to have something familiar into my hands while the Tram quietly came to a halt.

I fumbled with the pin in the lock turning it this way and that just trying to make it click and drop to the ground since now those peacekeepers could pass through the messed up car just by running onto the platform. I could feel the lock just in my hands and turned the pin to be rewarded with a nice click and deactivation of the bonds that were on his feet.

“Can’t you do the hands?” Mark chimed and I shook my head no and grabbed his arm, dragging him along making Mark get the hint to fallow and without question that we had reached our destination weather we are or not we would soon find out.

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