The Avox Speaks HG entry

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.



11. chapter 11

I awoke on a cold stone floor wondering where I am at. I can feel the cold, crisp air that was coming through the damp cracks in the bricks. All I could see was the bars and some of the bricks that surrounded me while the back of the cell and hallway was full of blackness.

“Hello?” I started to yell but then I immediately retracted thinking that this couldn’t be happening. I was stunned that I could hear my own voice that I haven’t heard in a very long time. It scared me that I could say a word perfectly without thinking anything about it like it was in the past. I tried to yell again but this time it was like I was hearing dead chimes that was bouncing though the darkness within the echo.

I tried to move my tongue to see if it was there and it still was to where I quickly retracted and gasped that I have something that I could never have so I am starting to think that I am in a dream. The fact that I have this vital peace that I miss so much almost brought me to becoming hysterical.

Sadly, my celebration was cut majorly short because I heard a door open and close slowly letting me know that that there is someone whom just entered the aria to take me away. I was hoping that it wasn’t a peacekeeper since that would mean that I was being chosen to have the torcher to have my tongue cut out of my mouth once more.  The slow steps were like a peacekeeper’s but on the other hand it could be Mistress coming through to see me.

“Is anyone there?” I called while I poked out my head to see anything instead of darkness which was all I got.

“I am.” I hear a very familiar voice behind me and I turned to see someone coming out of the darkness with another person right behind her. I was scared as my heart started to thump out of my chest wondering if these bagged faced people were supposed to kill me instead of turning me into what I am supposed to be.

“Who are you?” I cried as I tried to step back to give the others room but I had forgotten that I had a row of bars behind me that kept me from running out and to freedom.

“Zava it’s us! Your friends!” The front person chimed and I wasn’t sure while another burst of cold wind was starting to say that this was starting to become very real.

“You don’t know me!” I screamed and ripped off the first person’s bag to reveal that it was someone that I did know named Catre.

“I do.” She chimed and I was happy to see her and wondered if she was underneath this bag than there might be Dill or Marin underneath the other one.  I quietly came close to the other person to only hear muffling. I quietly used both hands to see that it was Marin underneath with a cloth through his mouth.

“How did you get here?” I asked while untying Marin’s cloth.

“Zava, they found us, all of us in the plantation.”  Catre chinned and Marin nodded.

“Then where is Mistress?” I quickly asked as Marin shrugged and all I could think of was that she was in the mist of the cutter’s mark and having her own freedom taken away from everyone.

“We are not sure Zava.” Marin sighed and I quickly went back to the bars.

“Hey Peace breakers! Where is my friend?” I called out and I felt a hand pull me away to the nearby brick. I felt the harsh thwack of my back hitting the rough edges while every pebble pierced my skin in warning that it can cut.

“Keep your head level!” He hissed at me and I was surprised that he could be this mean but at the same time I needed it to do just what he said.

“Ok what now?” I asked though his crushing blow and I can feel the pressure of his arm that he was using let up to where I was able to get back with them without them worrying. 

“Exscape. It is the easiest answer right now.” Catre chimed and I didn’t blame her since I was thinking the same thing as well although I wanted one more person to be with us.

“What about Mistress? We can’t leave without her since she had done so much for all of us to where we can’t let her have the same fate. “ I explained and it seemed like they were agreeing with me.

Suddenly I heard another set of doors opening that was closer than the other one and I rushed to the bars to see what was going on. The hallway was lit a little more now so I can see what was going on as another set of slow boots came through the hall as if to make more suspense than there actually was.  The thump of his boots was like a clock counting down the moments that one of us would surly become an Avox. Soon the classic white uninform came into the light and I hoped that he would come and grasp someone else that way we would have more time to make an escape.

I held my breath as he looked right at my eyes and all I can see was the reflection of someone that had seen a ghost and was starting to become one since I looked like I already had my color drained like the signature Avox looks like. My wide brown eyes looked like something of a scared child that had been in an abusive home since her face had a fee bruises because of the torment that she had sustained before coming in here.

The guard stood up quickly as if he had enough fun before he tormented another soul as I could tell that he was smiling under that big black sun visor that they all have on. I heard the boots get back in sync of that of a clock’s. Sadly it didn’t last long for an unfortunate person as he stopped a few blocks down from us. I can hear the key go into the latch and the loud click of a door closing on someone else’s freedom.

“Ok Avox your turn!” He ordered as I was amazed that I didn’t hear any crying or begging as the Peacekeeper walked inside. It only took him a munities before he came out with a small woman in front of him with fire hair and a black dress that she wore when Mr. Sorrow came to the household.

“Mistress?” I questioned out loud and she looked up. Her facial expression was that who had given up completely. I can see the lack of sleep and that her youthful completion had dwindled to a ragged mess that is in front of me.

A rush of panic rushed through me and I wasn’t thinking but I started to reach out and grab one of the Peacekeeper’s uniform in order for him to stop and have me to take her place in the world of becoming an Avox. Sadly I missed while I watched them keep walking at a slow pace as if they are presenting her as the next corpse.

I have to think of something. I knew if I failed than I would be waiting the best person whom can release everyone here. “What should I do?” I asked Marin and Catre but they both had the sense of defeat in their body expressions since their eyes were at their shoes and mouths locked shut.

I calmed myself down thinking that I should have known that it would be up to me. I got back to the bars and Mistress and the Peacekeeper was just about to leave the block so I knew if I didn’t try my sentence now then there was no other chance that I can save Mistress from this horrible life.

“TAKE ME INSTEAD!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. Suddenly the boots stopped and they turned around and started to come back so I grimed like a cat that possibly has herself a meal so I yelled out another sentence that I knew would have him listen to me quite well.

“I volunteer as tribute!”

Soon Mistress and the peacekeeper was at my cell once again while I was feeling exquisite Mistress looked like I was not right in the head.

“What was that Avox?” He barked slowly at me as if I was not supposed to understand. 

“I want to take her place Peacekeeper.” I hissed slowly more to Mistress but to him which she reared up in shock that I would do this for her and I quickly slipped a smile to mistress before wiping it away to show strength.

“Zava please, I prefer to do this.” I hear Mistress whisper but I refused to listen to reason at this moment as I kept going with my fight to take her place.

“Please sir! I am young and easy to manipulate to whatever the person wants. These bruises are just things that I had done in the name of my past owner!”  I begged and I can see that I was starting to win but Mistress started to work against me instead of with me.

“But she had done so much to your kind to where it would be better with me being sold.” She reasoned but I had another thing that I could use that every governmental person wanted.

“I can be very expensive for someone.” I chimed and I badded my eyes at him as I turned on my charm.

“Yes but her history could dwindle her value to where if you needed to she would fight before you kill her. Me I would accept my defeat as an honor to the capital.” She chimed and I could tell that the last bit of her sentence was the final nail in the coffin for both of our fates.

“You will die promptly because of your running with the Keepers here.” The peacekeeper chimed and I had forgotten about the part that my reputation had not been grand in a while.

“But I have CHANGED! I want to take her place! I want to be the servant for life.” I cried while I heard the steps walk into the black hole of darkness. I kept repeating myself until I dropped to my knees knowing that I failed.


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