The Avox Speaks HG entry

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.



13. chaper 13

The dream had yet to shake me since I had been checking windows all day and now that I am outside in the streets with Mistress it is every person that goes past us.

“Zava I thought that this you help you be less tense not make more of whatever is larking into your mind eat away at you.”  She chimed and I wished that I could even write to my mistress what I was thinking.  I gave her a slight nod in hopes that it would say otherwise.

 I started to see every person as an enemy while I dug my nails into my skin as a reminder to stop acting this way but it wasn’t working at all. I know that this dream is playing mind games but right now I can see that there is something in these streets other than a normal shopping trip.

I should be happy that I am here since Catre almost appointed me to stay home instead of going with her. I did notice one thing was that no one was teasing me since I am wearing my new outfit instead of the regular Avox garb that I knew would had set me as a target instead of a normal red head person that just is a little paler than most people.  I wished that I had known this sooner or else I would had dressed normally a very long time ago that way I could have dodged most of the torcher that came along with being a slave to the Capital.

I had noticed that the banners are housing the portraits of the tributes that are going to die this year as if it is an honorable thing which some places sees it this way but I still show my disgust by wishing that I could see someone from the Capital in the hunger games. The sad part was that I wished that one of those kids from eight could have been me however the Gamekeepers, or the people that run these hunger games, noticed that I was part of a rebel group that was starting to slowly grow a bit in eight. So instead of putting me in the games where the people that had seen me do well angry and give them a hard time they decided to place me as an Avox. Although now and days some of these tributes could be considered as wanted people by the President instead of killing and explaining so might as well use these as wanted posters than anything else.

I went into several stores with Mistress and she let me pick out a few things that she couldn’t decide what to get as well as the marvelous part of letting me get a few items of clothing for myself since all I have is Avox, hand me down (which I don’t mind), or handmade clothing from Mag or what I make.

Every store I went into I felt the eyes of the Government press on top of us as we went.  I started to question if me being like this is sending mixed signals that I am an Avox but yet I am a citizen of the Capital that is waiting for her hair to completely dry so her slyest can place the next cote of coloring to match the women that is with her.

We came out of the last store and I was still held up by that dream but being treated as a normal person had calmed my nerves down slightly but the dream was still eating at me.

Next thing I know I am laying on the ground knowing that I must had bumped into someone. I scaled up the outfit and all I could see was the feared Mr. Sorrow towering over me like I was a little bug and he was debating to end my life or not.

“Watch where you are going Avox! You should be better than that…” He hissed while he was looking me over and I wanted to hit him thinking that it was him that bumped into me.  I jumped up thinking that I should hurt him for doing such a thing. “You are out of uniform Little Avox! I should turn you into the capital for doing such a dishonorable and disgraceful thing as being out of uniform. If I haven’t pointed that out then who knows what we would have on our hands Nacy!” Mr. Sorrow gasped and I clearly could see right through his performance that he was just toying with me.

“I let her.” Mistress growled and Mr. Sorrow had his eyes pop out of his head for a moment as he glared at her for a minute as if she spoke something in an alienated language.

“What was that Nacy?” He asked and I can see that Mistress was trying to stand her ground with him instead of me with her. 

“I, LET, HER.” She broke her sentence and acted like Mr. Sorrow was heard of hearing. I started to get myself up and was ready to hurt him if he hurt my Mistress.

“Nacy you can’t let your Avoxes be able to do things willy-nilly Like us but they are not , THEY are criminals!” Mr. Sorrow yelped a bit too loud for my likening.

“They are also people!” Mistress defended herself and I could tell that last sentence gave Mr. Sorrow something that he didn’t like, knowing that he could lose. I quickly jumped up and ready to fight as Mr. Sorrow watched.

“HAH, what’s this? Little Zava actually likening an owner so much that she would STAND for that person! I am quite impressed though…. What’s this?”  I hear Mr. Sorrow chime proudly until I saw that he was bending down to pick up something. I fallowed his hand slowly to where I noticed that he was actually reaching for my notebook that must had fallen out of one of the many bags that I was carrying for Mistress.

“That is mine Sorrow. Mind if I have it back?” She asked and Mr. Sorrow started to flip through it. I could feel a bunch of rage flow through me as I tried to ignore the fact that he was looking at my end of conversations but I am not sure if there is anything there that could cause trouble until I remembered that I talked to Catre that night of when we went to the institution.

I bolted up from where I was at and reached for my notebook. “There is the Zava I know. I am guessing this is yours because I know Nacy’s writing since she signed the paperwork to have you as her Avox.” He chimed and I realized that I messed up with my reaction while I grasped my little book to yank it out of his hands but I retracted and let him have it thinking that I had made a fool of myself.

“Leave her alone Sorrow, She is just using this to answer my questions!” Mistress explained and I saw an opratunity and snatched my notebook from his hands. I quickly stuffed the notebook back into the sack while watching Sorrow thinking that he was going to blow his stack after my move of snatching something as private as a conversation notebook.

“Why Zava? This is the worst that you had ever done.”  Sorrow chimed and I was ready to fight.  Sorrow threw his first punch and I blocked it easily by holding his punch in my hands.

“I do apologize for her actions Sorrow! I have no idea what is getting into her since she had never acted like this in my care!” Mistress rambled though I wanted her to stay out of this one for her own sake and let me fight my own battles.

I raised an eye thinking that he should know better than that since I know his normal moves since he always tried to torcher me any way that he could when I was at the institution. “You had gotten better. “ Sorrow chimed as he kicked my legs out from underneath me and I can feel myself hit the ground hard. I felt the pain shoot through my bottom and I can tell that that will leave a mark in the morning.

“Sorrow please she would never come out of the house for anything.” Mistress tried to negotiate but Mr. Sorrow slapped her to where she fell to the ground because of the sear force.  I tried to stand to getting to a better fighting position then what I am at right now but Mr. Sorrow saw me and kicked me with his book and I felt my head bounce off of him and slammed to the other side to the ground.

My head started to pound harshly to where the world started to spin but I was willing to fight. I can hear and feel the vibration of more footsteps as another kick by Mr. Sorrow but this time it was in the stomach and the wind blew out of my lungs and I couldn’t seem to get it back in for the moment as I huffed to get anything into my lungs in order to live. I didn’t even get a moment to stand or recover a little from my injury before there were several peacekeepers battering me by way of fists. Every punch felt like little pellets that didn’t hurt much though I was wondering if they would stop kicking a person while she is down since this person doesn’t mind fighting if it is saving someone that she likes.

Next thing I know I felt something that stuck in my back and I was wondering what these things were until I felt the intense shock of electricity go through my body. All I saw for a second was a blast of lighting before my body decided to send my entire body up in pain to where I couldn’t move. I thought that I was dead as I laid there. I knew I couldn’t do anything in this much pain so I stayed put but unfortunately staying down came with a cost as I saw mistress being walked away through a crowd of bystanders that just witnessed my defeat.

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