How i met him

April goes to college where she doesn't know anyone than Cameron but she doesn't know what he really looks like she had only chatted with him at online but never saw i single picture of him.


1. Muahhhahah

Every relationships has their own story how they started, well this is how our started


-April Sunrise 

after finishing my high school and gladly gotten accepted in the college i wanted to go, i still had summer to summer went nicely i think. i hanged with my friends and  parents 'cause when the schools would start i would be 3000 miles away from home. but i met someone in the summer too. well on the online. our College. well the one i was going,called West Valley's College had this web site where they suggested you a friend.its like a chat but the person who you will chat with wont be your choice it will be someone who had same kind of scores like you and who picked the same classes. bit silly right. but anyway  i was curious to see who would they pick to my so called "friend" 

that was how i met Cameron. the chat didn't have any kind of picture or something and to be honest i really didn't think it was so important what would the person look like. so i found my self spending the summer with my friends and family and chatting on my phone with Cameron who seemed really cool.


"April, i cant believe the summer is over!" Amy cried while hugging me. "i know." i sniffed. Amy had been my friend since diapers and now we were going to different college. Kate and Liz hugged me too we were always together four of us. it was so weird that now our roads would separate. "i will miss you guys, so much." i said trying not to cry. "we will too." they sniffed. "but i really need to get to train." i said as i saw the train arriving. "noooo!" Amy,Kate and Liz cried hugging me again. i finally said goodbye to them and went inside and took a seat. they waved to me from the other side of the window and i smiled to them and cried. then the train moved and they ran and still waved but soon the train was far away and i only saw they getting smaller and smaller. my phone went of. "we miss you." Kate said as she send a picture of our four together from earlier the summer. "geez, you are making me cry more." i answered.i had sat like three hours in the train. luckily i wasn't crying anymore but my eyes were red. gosh how i would miss home. as i was at New Jersey where the college was i managed to find right bus to the place. i had my bag and suitcase where my clothes and other stuff where my mum had gave me money that i could buy the stuff i would need from the New Jersey. it would be easier than take the stuff from home. Aprilll. are you arrived yet? -Ronny. yes that was Cameron it was the nickname i had made up to him. *I ammm! just got out the bus, now i need to find my campus and stuff. (to Ronny)  *cool! can't wait to see you Apricot!what is your building and room number?-Ronny   * it's building 3 floor 2 and room 14 -(to Ronny)   *woah that so cool! i am at same building but i got the top floor number 1! how awesome is that? i mean duh, i'm the best like top floor and number one, can it get any better? - Ronny  the building where you would live wasn't like that there was a different building for girls and boys and that girls aren't allowed to boys rooms and boys aren't allowed to girls rooms. nope. but still it wasn't total Jungle it had the time when you couldn't listen the music like volume 100% or something. i find the lobby and got my key after half hour waiting and i had to fill some papers to write down my personal information and stuff. can you imagine how amazing the feeling was when i got the key in my hands. and if you are asking, no i didn't have a roommate. as i found my way to right building, right floor and finally right door i collapsed to bed and then looked around my little college flat. it was bit cold but, i will buy some things and make it like home. it had small kitchen corner and fridge. yes! i will have my own fridge! to my food! only my food! muahahahhaah! yeah that's a happy thing when you have to share house with three other sisters and brothers. i love them.. but they eat too much. so back to the room. it had table and two chairs then a small oldish sofa and bed! for two! hell yeah that means i can sleep at X position every damn night! hallelujah! then i looked to the bathroom it was small but not too small. then i lied back to the bed after small adventure about looking my new flat and text to my mother how awesome the room was and to my friends that i was alive and i still haven't seen hot  don't ask.  *Helloo, are you alive? where are yoouuu? -Cameron *yeah, i'm alive, just chilling in my room.  *Great! i can't wait to see you actually in person! you haven't told what you even look like. -Cameron.  *yeah i haven't well we made a deal that we won't tell how we look so it will make things even more exciting.(to Cameron) *yeah yeah Apricot, i will be there soon :-) MUAHAHAHAHA. ps, i'm bit fat if you dont mind -Cameron.   was i excited? well hell yeah i was! okay okay i know it doesn't matter what do you look like, Cameron was really good and funny guy. but what if he would run away or not speak to me or it would get so awkward and all. holy shit. the panic hit my body. i went to toilet and fixed my make up. "breath, it will be fine- *Knock knock knock. holy mother! he is here. i felt my self shaking as i walked towards the door. i opened the door slowly still praying that it would go  well. and there he stood. i think i just died. someone kill me now! this is just awkward. 


Authors Note

muahahahahahhaha do you love me? :DDDD   

will be continued XD



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