How i met him

April goes to college where she doesn't know anyone than Cameron but she doesn't know what he really looks like she had only chatted with him at online but never saw i single picture of him.


2. ladies and Gentlemen! Cameron Brooke.


guy with brown hair and blue/grey eyes and muscular figure stood in front of me. i think i was going to faint. it was just too much. he was really good looking. don't even find right words to tell you how amazing he looked. but was he Cameron? he clearly didn't look the Cameron i though i talked the hole summer. what if he only acted that he was nice? omg? this hole chat thing was bad idea. "Cameron?" i finally asked. small smile crew on his lips as he nod. "that's me." his husky and manly voice said. please. even his voice was perfect. "come in.." i  said not really knowing what to do or say. "thanks." he said as he followed me inside. we sat on the sofa and there was this awkward silence. "is it just me but why is this so awkward." he said. "tell me about it." i said. "but can we clear the awkward thing and talk like normal people. i never though that meeting you would be so.. i mean i was like scared to death that what you would look like.. i mean not that the look really matters. uugh. i better stop speaking before i say something awkward." he said spoke as he realized he had blabbered and his cheeks turned to pink. "it's okay. i was scared too." i said. "i mean,gosh is that even possible in this world that nice girls with interesting personality look so good?" he said but then quickly blushed and said. "did i said that aloud?" i nod as i was blushing to his comment. "thanks, you are not so bad looking either." i said. well shit, who was i kidding?! not so bad looking? mental face palm to my self.he was creek god. "so you got a nice place. like really this is much cooler than mine. mine flat is so small and old." he said looking around. "really?" i asked. "yeah." he said. "but you are the guy top floor room number one." i joked. "hey, don't hurt my ego. i'm still the best even that you got like much cooler flat than me." he said. "maybe we can switch?" he joked. "but then you wont be the guy top floor, number one." i said. "good point." he winked. gosh he was just. ugggh. p.e.r.f.e.c.t.  "so whats your plans for today?" he asked. "hmmm, i dunno, i would like to buy like stuff to my flat,but i don't have car and i have no idea where the mall is or even the center." i said. "hmm. well i have to buy few things too. and since i drove here and i know where the mall is what about we shop together?" he asked. "that would be cool." i said. "so lets go." he said and i took my bag and followed him outside. as he walked next to me as we headed to outside i could see all the girls we saw where drooling over Cameron and looking me with disgust. woah. "so here we are." Cameron said as we parked the car in front of the mall. "so let our shopping journey begin!" he said like little kid. after MANY hours shopping and trying to get all the stuff in Cameron's car we were done. the shopping him was fun though. we got many weird stares from the other people as Cameron carried the big pink pillows and said like "You need that banana poster! its so cool and then you totally need that. and oh man that is so cool!"  to be honest he had a taste. "don't stare me like that! i'm not gay i just like shopping and stuff." he said as we drove back to flats. "okayy." i giggled. "i'm serious. i love girls." he said looking me smirking. "okay alfa." i said. and he laugh. we ended up buying me a lot of stuff and Cameron being the strongest one of us carried almost everything. "hey hottie, you live there?" some guy with blond hair asked as we walked to my flat. "uum yes." i said. "cool. i'm Xander. are you single?" he asked checking me out. "uh, no he isn't, back off." Cameron snapped glaring the guy. "yeah yeah."Xander said walking away. "what was that about?" i asked. "well you need to be aware that this college is full of horny guys who only things about how much girls they can screw in their first year." Cameron said. "awwwn, you are so cute. are you like my prince charming who is protecting me from the bad guys?" i teased. "i am." he winked. making me blush.  it bit late when we finally had got all the stuff in their places and my place looked really nice and i lied on the sofa as Cameron lied on the floor in my new soft carpet and we watched tv. "i love your place. i think this will be my new house." Cameron said as he sat up. "yeah yeah." i said rolling my eyes. "it's getting late i think i should go." Cameron said. "Okayy. i think i will go sleep."  i said as i yawned. "okay, see you in the morning princes. good night." he said as he hugged me and left. i was bit socked and as i walked in to bathroom to wash my make up off and brush my teeth i looked my self from the mirror and gasped for the sight i saw. my cheeks were tomato red from the blushing. how embarrassing.after i was done i text to my mother saying that everything was fine and that i had shopped with Ronnie and bought all i need and then i text to my friends telling that Ronnie wasn't some creepy nerd 'cause they teased me all the summer that Cameron seemed some creepy nerd but oh gosh they were so wrong. 


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