How i met him

April goes to college where she doesn't know anyone than Cameron but she doesn't know what he really looks like she had only chatted with him at online but never saw i single picture of him.


3. 3.Heart ache

-Aprils pow

"so our first week is over, how do you feel, how is to be in college?" Cameron asked as the art class was over. "not bad, but we have to realize the first day almost seems nice..." i said. "way to kill the mood." he said. "so what next?" i asked. "well my friend Simon asked me to this party." he said. "they are all ready having parties?" i said. "well yeah. i don't think i will go. to be honest i'm not party type." he said. "oh really?" i asked. "what?" he said. "nothing." i smiled as i opened the door to my flat. "you wanna hang out today?" he said. "sure." i said. "i'm going to drop these to my room i will be right back." he said pointing his books. "sure." i said. he was soon back. "what about we go to cinema?" he asked. "to watch what?" i asked. "what ever you want." i said. "hmmm. "i  smirked. "I have always wanted to see that Fifth shades of grey." i said. "sure." he said. "really?" i asked. "yep." he smiled. "wohoo!" i  said as i followed him to the car. we bough popcorn and coca colas as we bought the tickets.

"well that was.. uumm interesting." he said as the movie ended. i smiled. the movie was good though but it had like 20 minutes to sex sense in the hole movie,but like i minded it was bit awkward to sit next to him when the part came but he just started the screen awkward smile on his face. "i can't believe i really watched that." he said."what. too bad for your manly ego." i joked. "exactly." he said. "i'm hungry how about you?" he asked. "yep. a bit." i said. "what about burger king?" he asked. "sure." i said. the young girl behind the corner drooled shamelessly to Cameron as we entered to Burger king. "how can i help you." she said with over hyper voice.we ordered and she said she would bring them to table. she totally ignored me and only looked Cameron like he was some god. to be honest it pissed me of even that Cameron and i were just friends. as i noticed her walking with our hamburgers she had clearly opened few buttons from her shirt showing her breasts. that disgusted me. "here are your hamburgers." she said smiling to Cameron. "thanks." Cameron muttered. "Call me." she said giving Cameron to note where her number was. Cameron bite her teeth. "um no thanks." he said giving the peace of paper back. "uum what?" she said clearly pissed. "i'm not interested, sorry i'm interested of someone else." Cameron said. the girl nod and walked awkwardly away. i felt my heart crack as he told he was interested to someone else. was i stupid. of course he wasn't interested of me.i fake smiled the hole night and acted like nothing bothered me even that inside i was screaming. 


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