Sad song writing journal all (copy rited!)



1. One Against the World

     Her heart feels like it's crumpling.

    She's crying, knows, that no one cares.

   Their pushin her down for attention. 

   Why can't they see, when her heart shrivels.


Cuz she has no one to ho-old her, she's all alone wants to just fly away...

They tell her no one likes her. They shove her gainst the wall, 

and no one stands up, don't wanna get involved,

but don't you see her?

Don't you even care?

Don't you hear her tears crying fo-or help?


She's falling, she's all alone. Trying to get back up, something she hasn't tried before.

She's pushed down, can't get back up,

cuz she knows,

that she's just... one against the world.


Her minds full of negative thoughts.

She's too scared to speak anymore.

Their spreading gossip, spreading rumors,

laughing knowing that she heard them. 


Cuz she has no one to te-ell her,

I'll be here. I'll be here. 

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